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Learning Functional Programming with Swift

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Learn how to write more robust and maintainable Swift code by making the switch to functional programming.

By taking up functional programming—a popular programming paradigm that's centered around pure functions—you can write more robust and maintainable Swift code. This course prepares you to make the switch by providing an introduction to the functional paradigms in Swift. Instructor Shaun Wassell covers functional concepts, first-class functions, and array functions. He also dives into a few advanced concepts, including partial application and recursion.


  • Welcome
  • What you should know
1. What Is Functional Programming?
  • Functional programming overview
  • Immutability and avoiding state change
  • Keeping functions and data separate
  • First-class functions
2. First-Class Functions
  • Function types
  • Defining functions like variables
  • Passing functions as arguments
  • Returning functions
3. Array Functions
  • Working with arrays "functionally"
  • Mapping
  • Mapping example
  • Filtering
  • Filtering example
  • Reducing
  • Reducing example
  • Combining functions
4. Advanced Functional Concepts
  • Advanced concepts
  • Partial application
  • Recursion
  • Next steps

Taught by

Shaun Wassell

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