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Learning JVM Languages: JVM, Java, Scala

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Explore Java virtual machine (JVM) and the basics of imperative, object-oriented, and functional programming in Java and Scala.

Java virtual machine (JVM) interprets Java bytecode and translates it into action, enabling Java applications to be run on any computer. JVM apps can be written in Java or Scala—two object-oriented languages with their own feature and benefits. This course provides in-depth coverage of JVM and the basics of imperative, object-oriented, and functional programming in Java and Scala. Learn why you should develop on JVM and discover the tools, such as Eclipse and Gradle, that you need to start programming. Explore the Java Development Kit (JDK) and the toolkits and prebuilt classes included in the Java Class Library. Learn how to write Java code to implement classes and to create a simple web service, and then explore more complex topics in Scala, including the difference between functional and imperative programming. By the end of the course, you will have written multiple programs for JVM and will better understand the differences between the Java and Scala languages.


1. Java Virtual Machine
  • Course overview
  • Why develop on JVM?
  • Popular use cases
  • JVM concepts and Java editions
  • Other languages on JVM
2. Developing on the Java Virtual Machine
  • JDK
  • Class organization with packages
  • Java Class Library
  • Running JVM applications on the command line
  • Eclipse IDE
3. Java
  • OOP in Java
  • Writing Java code
4. Java Programming
  • Configuring Eclipse IDE
  • Creating a web service in Java
5. Scala
  • Scala installation and REPL shell
  • Functional vs. imperative programming
  • Scala language syntax and rules
  • OOP in Scala
  • Scala standard library
  • Functional programming in Scala
6. Scala Programming
  • Scala IDE for the Eclipse plugin
  • SBT
  • Create an Akka project

Taught by

Vincent van der Leun

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