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Learning the Arturia Collection

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Learn how to use the Arturia collection of software instrument plugins in this hands-on course. Discover tips for music pros, producers, engineers, musicians, and DAW users alike.

The Arturia V collection has a wide variety of software synthesizers. In this course, learn how to use the basics of each of the software synthesizer instruments. Explore advanced and practical uses through a series of tips and tricks designed to dive deeper inside the sound collection. Learn about the history of these sound instruments and discover their use in popular music.


  • Vintage synths at your fingertips
  • What you should know
  • A quick overview of synthesis
  • The Ableton project
  • Saving your own playlists and presets
1. B3 V
  • B3 organ history
  • Sculpting the B3 V organ sound
2. Vox Continental V
  • Vox Continental history
  • Vox Continental in popular music
  • Sculpting the Vox Continental V organ
3. Farfisa V
  • Farfisa history
  • The Farfisa in popular music
  • Sculpting sound with Farfisa V organ
  • Advanced features of Farfisa V
4. Clavinet V
  • Clavinet history
  • Clavinet in popular music
  • Navigating the Clavinet V interface
  • Advanced features of Clavinet V
5. Stage 73 V
  • Stage 73 and Fender Rhodes history
  • The Fender Rhodes in popular music
  • Workflow with the Stage 73 V
  • Advanced features of Stage 73 V
6. Wurli V
  • Wurlitzer history
  • Wurlitzer in popular music
  • Creating sounds with the Wurli V
7. Solina V
  • Solina V history
  • Solina in popular music
  • Creating sounds with Solina V
  • Advanced features of Solina V
8. Arp 2600
  • ARP 2600 history
  • Navigating the interface of the Arp 2600
  • Exploring patching with Ableton Live
9. Synclavier V
  • Synclavier V history
  • Navigating the interface of Synclavier V
  • Advanced features of Synclavier V
  • Sound design with Synclavier V
10. Prophet V
  • Prophet V history
  • Prophet in popular music
  • Navigating the Prophet V interface
  • Creating a bass sound with the Prophet 5
  • Navigating the Prophet VS interface
11. CMI V
  • CMI history
  • Navigating the CMI interface
  • Sound design with CMI V
12. CS80-V (Yamaha CS80)
  • CS80 Synthesizer history
  • The CS80 interface
  • Create a bass pad on the CS80
13. DX7 V (Yamaha DX7)
  • Yamaha DX7 history
  • The DX7 in popular music
  • Understanding the DX7 V interface
  • DX7 V advanced features
14. SEM V
  • History of the SEM
  • Navigating the SEM interface
  • Advanced modulation of SEM V
15. JUP 8V
  • History of the Roland Jupiter 8
  • The Jupiter 8 in popular music
  • Navigating the Jupiter 8 interface
  • Sound design and LFO modulation with JUP-8 V
16. Mini V
  • Moog Model D history
  • Moog Model D in popular music
  • The Mini V interface
  • The Mini V advanced features
17. Modular V
  • History of the Moog Modular
  • Getting started with the Modular V
18. Matrix-12 V
  • History of the Matrix-12
  • The Matrix-12 V interface
  • Using the Matrix-12 V voices
19. Buchla Easel
  • History of the Buchla Easel
  • The Buchla Easel V interface
  • Buchla advanced interface
  • Sound design on the Buchla Easel
  • Analog lab
  • Piano
  • Next steps

Taught by

Nate Mars

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