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Lightroom Classic CC: Creating Panoramas

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Learn to use the Lightroom Panoramic Photomerge features to stitch multiple photos together into dramatic panoramas—and combine Lightroom with Photoshop for more editing control.

Whether the subject is landscape or architecture, a great panoramic photo offers a new perspective that can really capture the viewer's attention. The process of creating panoramic photos has gotten even easier with the release of Lightroom 6 and Lightroom Classic CC. You can now combine multiple images into a new file and even preserve the flexibility of raw photo editing. Additionally, by combining Lightroom and Photoshop you can get a most advanced level of control over the final results. Rich Harrington introduces all these techniques, plus a workflow for creating high dynamic range (HDR) panoramas.


  • What you'll learn in this course
  • What you should know before watching this class
  • How to use the exercise files
1. What You Need to Create a Panoramic Photo
  • Shooting strategies for panoramic photos
  • Essential equipment for shooting panoramic photos
  • Making do with what you have
2. Organizing Panoramic Photos
  • Manually sorting photos after import
  • Automatically stacking photos based on shoot time
  • Organizing panoramas with collections and stacks
  • Making initial adjustments before merging
3. An Introduction to Panoramic Photomerge
  • How Lightroom's tool is different from Photoshop's Photomerge
  • Required metadata and properties to merge
  • When should you develop a panoramic image?
  • Starting the Panoramic Photomerge process
  • Analyzing the preview image
  • Creating the final merge and processing oversized files
  • Correcting lens issues with lens profiles
4. A Raw Panoramic Workflow
  • Organization and naming strategies
  • Merging raw images
  • Developing the new DNG file
  • Removing ghosts and echoes with the Spot Removal tool
  • Invoking Upright to fix perspective issues
  • Modifying the crop after the merge
5. Understanding Projection Methods for Panoramic Images
  • Why use different methods of projection?
  • The Auto method
  • The Perspective method
  • The Cylindrical method
  • The Spherical method
6. Save Time Creating Panoramic Photos with Automation
  • Importing and organizing for automation
  • Running in Headless mode
  • Modifying the image after merging
  • Viewing progress in the Activity Center
  • Finishing the HDR panoramic photo
7. When to Combine Lightroom with Photoshop for Panoramic Photos
  • The Creative Cloud connection
  • When Lightroom fails, try Photoshop
  • Handing off high-quality images from Lightroom to Photoshop
  • Using the Adaptive Wide Angle command
  • Advanced healing and cloning in Photoshop to remove ghosts and echoes
  • Using Content-Aware Fill to fill in missing areas
  • Invoking Camera Raw as a filter
  • Sending the image back to your Lightroom catalog
8. Creating a HDR Panoramic Photo
  • An overview of the shooting process
  • Merging HDR images
  • Combining HDR images to create the initial panoramic photo
  • Developing the merged file
  • Additional Photoshop post-processing to remove distortion
  • Filling in missing areas in Photoshop
  • Finalizing the photo
  • Wrapping up

Taught by

Richard Harrington

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