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Master the Fundamentals of AI and Machine Learning

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Do you know the difference between AI and machine learning? Do you know how they affect you, your career path, and the world around us? After taking the courses in this learning path, you'll have a mastery of the concepts and future directions of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. You'll be able to make more informed decisions and contributions in your work envrionment.
  • Gain a clear and detailed understanding of how AI and machine learning work.
  • Learn how leading companies are using AI and machine learning to change the way they do business.
  • Learn how the next generation of thinking about AI is addressing issues of accountability, security, and explainability.


Courses under this program:
Course 1: AI Accountability Essential Training
-Learn why it's absolutely crucial for AI-related data science work to be transparent, explainable, accountable, and ethical in its design and execution.

Course 2: Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Machine Learning
-Learn how to use machine learning to make better decisions and find patterns in your data.

Course 3: Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Thinking Machines
-Learn the key concepts behind artificial intelligence (AI), including strong and weak AI, approaches such as machine learning, and practical uses for new AI-enhanced technologies.

Course 4: Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Neural Networks
-Learn the key concepts behind artificial neural networks. Discover how to configure a neural network and use that network to find patterns in massive data sets.

Course 5: Cognitive Technologies: The Real Opportunities for Business
-Learn the benefits and business value of cognitive technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics.

Course 6: AI Algorithms for Gaming
-Explore some of the most popular AI algorithms used to create two-player, turn-based games that are challenging enough to keep players guessing.

Course 7: AI The LinkedIn Way: A Conversation with Deepak Agarwal
-Deepak Agarwal, the VP of artificial intelligence (AI) at LinkedIn, answer questions about AI's role at LinkedIn, careers in the field, and the future of the technology.

Course 8: Artificial Intelligence for Project Managers
-Learn about the impact that artificial intelligence (AI) will have on project management. Discover how to harness its power to streamline your workflow and stay ahead of the curve.

Course 9: Learning XAI: Explainable Artificial Intelligence
-Learn how explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) works and how it will impact data science-related projects and businesses.

Course 10: Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity
-Learn how to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to solve complex problems in the field of information security. Along the way, explore the risks of using AI for security.


Taught by

Barton Poulson, Doug Rose, Deloitte Insights, Eduardo Corpeño, Deepak Agarwal, Oliver Yarbrough, M.S., PMP®, Aki Ohashi 大橋晶 and Sam Sehgal


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