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MATLAB 2018 Essential Training

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Learn how to use MATLAB 2018 for numerical analysis, data modeling, and data visualization.


  • Use MATLAB for data calculation
  • What you should know
1. Starting Out with MATLAB 2018
  • Tour the MATLAB Workspace window
  • Define variables and constants
  • Overview of arithmetic, comparison, and logical operators
  • Explore arithmetic, comparison, and logical operators
  • Define ranges of values
  • Summarize values using built-in functions
  • Generate random numbers
  • Get help in MATLAB
2. Managing Vectors and Matrices
  • Define vectors and matrices
  • Refer to matrix and vector elements
  • Overview of matrix multiplication
  • Perform matrix multiplication
  • Perform scalar and element-wise operations on vectors and matrices
  • Use vectors and matrices in a function
  • Generate special matrices
  • Transpose and find the inverse of matrices
3. Creating MATLAB Scripts
  • Create a MATLAB script
  • Accept input values in a script
  • Display values within a script
  • Write values to an external file
  • Load values from a file into a script
  • Create a user-defined function
4. Conditional Logic and Loops
  • Include if and if-else statements in a script
  • Apply conditional logic using Switch
  • Examine values using the is statements
  • Use is statements
  • Perform operations multiple times using for loops
  • Perform operations while a specific condition is true
5. Managing Strings and Data Structures
  • Define string variables
  • Concatenate strings
  • Create a custom string using sprintf
  • Clean text by removing white space and changing case
  • Compare, find, and replace strings
  • Convert strings to numbers
6. Performing Advanced Plotting and Statistical Analysis
  • Plot data and function output
  • Create other plot types
  • Format plot elements
  • Save and print plots
  • Summarize data using statistical functions
  • Solve systems of linear equations using matrix functions
  • Further information

Taught by

Curt Frye


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