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Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Essential Training

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Master the fundamentals of SQL Server 2019. Learn how to create new databases, tables, and queries; manage query performance; create and restore a backup of a database; and more.

Master the fundamentals of SQL Server 2019, the industry-leading database management platform from Microsoft. In this course, instructor Adam Wilbert equips beginners with the core skills they need to create and manage SQL Server databases. Adam begins with the basics, showing how to install SQL Server and log into a local database server. He then discusses how to create new databases, design tables, define relationships, write queries, and use stored procedures and built-in functions. Plus, he demonstrates how to perform crucial database administration tasks, such as backups and restores, security enhancements, and performance monitoring.


  • Harness the modern and innovative tools in SQL Server 2019
  • What you should know
1. Get Started
  • Core concepts
  • SQL Server 2019 editions
  • Install SQL Server Developer Edition
  • Install Management Studio
  • Enable features with Configuration Manager
2. Log into the Server
  • Management Studio first steps
  • Authentication and user permissions
  • Create a new user account
3. Create Databases
  • Create the first database
  • Database configuration options
  • Table structures
  • Create a simple table
  • Edit a table's structure
  • Enter data into a table using the GUI
  • Import data from CSV files
  • Create tables from flat files
  • Install a sample database
4. Table Design for Healthy Databases
  • Understand data types
  • Table column properties
  • Primary key fields
  • Establish a default value
  • Check constraints
  • Unique constraints
  • Foreign keys
  • Create a foreign key column
  • Create relationships between tables
5. Structured Query Language
  • Understand the role of T-SQL
  • Use the T-SQL editor
  • Create a table with T-SQL
  • Add data to a table
  • Retrieve records with SELECT
  • Filter returned results with WHERE
  • Sort records
  • Delete records from a table
  • Update records in a table
  • Join related tables
  • Remove a table from the database
6. Query Performance
  • Create a view of the data
  • Data table indexes
  • Create additional indexes on a table
  • Columnstore indexes
  • View execution plans
  • SQL Server's Query Store
  • Rebuild indexes
7. Query Programmability
  • Aggregate functions
  • Use built-in functions
  • Leverage user-defined scalar functions
  • Introduction to stored procedures
  • Create stored procedures
  • Parameterized stored procedures
8. Backup and Restore
  • Create a full backup of the database
  • Create a differential backup
  • Restore a backup
  • Automate backups
  • Business continuity solutions
9. Security
  • User roles and permissions
  • Database schemas
  • Dynamic data masking
  • Always On data encryption
10. Monitoring and Management
  • Explore the role of system databases
  • Prevent excessive tempdb autogrowth
  • Review the SQL Server error log
  • Dynamic management views
  • Database Console Commands (DBCC)
  • Next steps

Taught by

Adam Wilbert

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