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Multi-Camera Video Production and Post

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Learn how to organize and run multicamera video productions, and use tools such as Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro to fine-tune the results.

A multicamera setup is the next big step in video production. Multicam helps you record different angles simultaneously and shoot scenes much faster than with a single camera. It requires great planning and lighting to make sure the footage from each camera matches, but what you can't control on location you can usually correct in post. In this course, Rich Harrington and James Ball show how to organize and run multicamera video productions, and use tools such as Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro to fine-tune the results.

You'll learn essential preproduction strategies to get the right gear and place it in the right position. You'll also learn techniques for syncing the visuals and audio captured from each camera. Rich and James offer advice for directors running shoots in the field, as well as strategies for crew members who are building sets and logging footage. Finally, in chapters 7 and 8, they share techniques for multicamera postproduction with Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro. In these chapters, you'll learn how to create multicam clips, apply color correction, color match angles, switch between angles, and refine and master your edit. By the end of the course, you'll have a thorough start-to-finish understanding of the multicamera production process.


  • Welcome
  • What you should know before watching this course
  • Using the exercise files
1. Planning the Production
  • When to choose a multicamera production approach
  • Determining camera requirements and coverage needs
  • Evaluating the location
  • Camera and set diagrams
2. The Production Approach
  • Essential camera settings and equipment
  • Crew communication
  • Lighting strategies for multicamera productions
  • Recording additional audio
  • Testing your gear in advance
3. Preparing Cameras for a Multicamera Production
  • Aesthetic matching of cameras
  • Technical matching of cameras
  • Color and calibration tools
  • Syncing cameras with timecode
  • Syncing cameras visually
  • Syncing cameras with audio
  • Adding insert angles with action cameras
4. Running a Multicamera Production
  • Directing advice
  • Logging details during the shoot
  • Advice while recording
  • Managing a shoot with minimal crew
5. Strategies from the Crew
  • Shooting a multicamera production on a budget
  • Beginning your production
  • Shoot notes
  • Creating your set
  • Working with talent
  • Working with media
6. Preparing for Post-Production
  • Transitioning to post
  • Logging the footage
  • Matching footage via transcoding
7. Multicamera Post-Production with Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Loading footage into Premiere Pro
  • Applying master effects color correction
  • Syncing multicamera angles in Premiere Pro
  • Customizing multicamera keyboard shortcuts
  • Recording multicamera edits
  • Finalizing the edit
  • Color matching angles
  • Flattening multicamera sequences and final mastering
8. Multicamera Post-Production with Final Cut Pro X
  • Loading footage into Final Cut Pro X
  • Assign camera names and multicam angles
  • Create multicam clips
  • Exploring the Angle Viewer
  • Syncing and adjusting angles in the Angle Editor
  • Cutting and switching between angles in the Angle Viewer
  • Refining the edit
9. The Essentials of Live Streaming Your Multicamera Production
  • Considerations when going live
  • Switching the feed live with hardware
  • Switching the feed live with software
  • Encoding the video in real time for a live stream
  • Streaming multiple cameras with YouTube Live
  • Streaming a traditional live multicamera production on YouTube Live
  • Streaming multiple cameras with Facebook Live
  • Learn more about streaming multiple cameras
  • Goodbye

Taught by

James Ball and Richard Harrington

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