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Music Studio Setup and Acoustics

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Learn principles of room acoustics and hands-on techniques for getting the best sound from your music studio for the least cost and effort.


  • Welcome
1. Studio Design Ideas
  • A typical musician's needs
  • Personal studio parameters
2. Soundproofing Basics
  • What won't work
  • The two basic isolation principles
  • Increasing your isolation by adding mass
  • Increasing your isolation by decreasing leakage
3. Acoustic Control Methods
  • Room dimensions, standing waves, and modes
  • The curse of low ceilings
  • The room's reverb time
  • A look at absorption
  • The reflection-free zone
  • The idea behind acoustic panels
  • Bass trap overview
  • Diffuser overview
4. Constructing the Components
  • Purchasing general building supplies
  • Purchasing acoustic materials
  • Making your own acoustic panels
  • Making your own bass traps
  • Making your own diffusers
5. Building a Personal-Use Studio
  • Determining your listening position
  • Creating the reflection-free zone
  • Treating the floor and ceiling
  • Acoustic panel placement
  • Installing the acoustic panels
  • Treating the corners
  • Treating the windows
  • Treating the doors
  • Treating the front and rear walls
  • A simple HVAC solution
6. Premade Acoustic Components
  • Buying premade acoustic treatment
  • Buying a premade vocal booth
  • Goodbye

Taught by

Bobby Owsinski


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