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Object-Oriented Programming with Java

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Learn advanced concepts in Java. Leverage inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation to build more sophisticated and efficient web projects.

It’s not too hard to write functional code in Java. But to take advantage of its object-oriented features, it requires a leap in understanding. If you're ready to take your Java skills to the next level, join engineer and Java expert June Clark in this course. Brush up on the details of objects, and then how to leverage advanced concepts such as inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation to build more sophisticated and efficient web projects. June reviews getters and setters and static methods, and shows how to document your code with UML. By the end of this course, you’ll have the confidence and skills to go build great things with Java.

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  • It's time up your game in Java
1. The World of Objects
  • What is an object in Java?
  • What is encapsulation?
  • What's so great about object-oriented design?
  • Prerequisites
  • Exercise files
2. Inside Classes
  • The anatomy of a class
  • The mighty constructor
  • Construct a duck
  • Pretty printing with toString()
  • Exercise: Objects in Java
3. Getters and Setters
  • Accessing an object's privates
  • The inner workings of setters
  • Using setters
  • Testing with JUnit
  • Exercise: Getters, setters, and JUnit
4. Static
  • What is static?
  • Static runs a marathon
  • Breaking out of the main() method
  • Exercise: Static
5. Inheritance
  • What is inheritance?
  • Take a sad class and make it better
  • The mother of all objects
  • Exercise: Build a better array list
6. UML
  • The Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Drawing with UML
  • Exercise: Create a UML diagram
  • Exercise solution: UML diagram
7. Polymorphism
  • What is polymorphism?
  • Polymorphism in action
  • The purpose of polymorphism
  • Implements vs. extends
  • Exercise: Polymorphism
  • Next steps

Taught by

June Clarke and Madecraft


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