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Oracle Database 12c: Security

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Learn how to secure, protect, and harden an Oracle 12c database by configuring users, permissions and privileges, roles, auditing, and encryption.

Database security is one of the hottest topics for Oracle DBAs, and one of the most important aspects of their role. With the increasing risks of cyberattacks, database hacks, and data leaks, knowing how to fully enable and leverage all of the Oracle 12c security features is essential. In this course, Oracle instructor and consultant David Yahalom covers this vitally important and in-demand skill.

Learn how to identify the major risks and security threats, and review general best practices for properly protecting and "hardening" any production database. Then, dive into hands-on demos that show how to set up user accounts, the connection between users and schemas, database object and system permissions, and roles in a multitenant environment, as well as encrypt data, audit user actions, and access to sensitive information. Plus, find out how to enable data-at-rest security via the Oracle Transparent Data Encryption and backup encryption options.


  • Welcome
  • What you need to know
  • Exercise files
1. Database Security Fundementals
  • Why database security is important
  • Authentication an database users
  • Authorization and permissions
2. Advanced Database Security Concepts
  • Database auditing
  • Database encryption
  • Roles of DBAs in Oracle security
3. Download and Set Up the Course VM
  • Download the course VM
  • Enable archive mode
4. Users and Permissions
  • Users, schemas, and the SYSDBA
  • Create new database users
  • Grant and evoke system privileges
  • Grant database-wide system privileges
  • Tablespace quotas
  • Object permissions
  • Password management policies
  • The WITH GRANT and WITH ADMIN options
  • Enforce password complexity
  • Viewing users, permissions, and polices
  • Deleting a database user
  • Local vs. common user concepts
  • Creating local users
  • Creating common users
  • Separating object owners and access
5. Database Roles
  • Introduction to database roles
  • Creating, assigning, and dropping roles
  • Viewing existing roles and role grants
  • Roles with ADMIN OPTION
6. Auditing Access to Data
  • Configure audit parameters
  • Creating unified audit policies
  • Testing audit polices
  • View the audit trail
  • Using standard auditing
  • Fine-grained auditing
  • Manage the audit trail
7. Data Encryption
  • Configure the keystore
  • Create encryption key
  • Encryping data in tables
  • Encrypting tablespaces
  • Encrypting Data Pump backups
  • Encrypting RMAN Backups
  • Restore encrypted RMAN Backup
  • Open the wallet after DB restart
  • What's next?

Taught by

David Yahalom

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