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Photoshop for Designers: Layer Effects

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Create editable, nondestructive effects such as shadows, glows, bevel and emboss, and much more with layer effects in Photoshop.

In this installment of Photoshop for Designers, Nigel French shows how to use nondestructive layer effects to enhance graphic design projects in Photoshop. The techniques combine effects such as Drop Shadow, Inner Glow, Bevel and Emboss, and Pattern Overlay with blending modes, filters, masks, and Smart Objects. Nigel also shows how to adjust your results by scaling, moving, and duplicating the effects. The concepts are demonstrated on various type treatments, but with these techniques, designers can emboss, highlight, bevel, and extrude lettering, logos, shapes, and even images.


  • Welcome
  • Exercise files and font usage
1. Layer Effects Overview
  • Non-destructive, linked effects
  • Effect types and global light
  • Scale layer effects
  • Move, copy, and delete layer effects
  • Convert layer effects to layers
  • Work with preset styles
  • Apply contours
2. Shadow and Glow Effects
  • Simple Drop Shadows
  • Create a Cast Shadow
  • Layer knocks out shadow
  • Outline shadow effects
  • Static Interference text with Inner Glow
  • Psychedelic Glow and Stroke effect
  • Separate an Inner Glow
  • Restrained and extreme satin effects
  • Create a composition with shadows and glows
3. Bevel and Emboss Effects
  • Create gold text using an Inner Bevel
  • Create chrome text using a Gloss Contour
  • Create a sand effect using Outer Bevel
  • Create a chisel effect with Inner Bevel and Emboss
  • Create an embossed metallic logo
  • Create a Glass Text effect
  • Create a Multi-Bevel High Contrast effect
4. Overlay Effects
  • Create a color overlay
  • Create a pattern overlay
  • Combine Pattern and Inner Glow for an Inline Shading effect
  • Apply a pattern to an extruded Drop Shadow
  • Warp a gradient overlay
5. Stroke Effects
  • Basic stroke effects
  • Create an offset stroke
  • Create a silver effect with an emboss stroke
  • How to create multiple strokes
6. Advanced Blending Options
  • Knockout effects
  • Blend interior effects and clipped effects
  • How to use the "Blend if" sliders
  • Goodbye

Taught by

Nigel French

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