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Premiere Pro CS6 Essential Training

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Introduces Premiere Pro CS6, using a project-based approach that introduces viewers to all the skills necessary to cut their own program.

This course introduces Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, using a project-based approach that introduces video editors to all the skills necessary to cut their own program. Using a short commercial project as an example, author Abba Shapiro walks viewers through a complete and logical workflow that begins with importing media, creating a basic rough edit, and then refining the cut with music and sound effects, transitions, visual effects, and titles. The course also includes troubleshooting advice, such as reconnecting offline media and using the History panel to undo multiple actions.


Adobe Premiere Pro
  • What is Premiere Pro?
  • Welcome
  • Using the exercise files
1. Touring the Interface
  • Launching the application for the first time
  • A tour of the interface
  • Customizing the window layout and the interface
  • Exploring the different ways to drive Premiere Pro CS6
  • Understanding system configuration and the Mercury Playback Engine
  • Adjusting essential preferences
2. Importing
  • Importing files and folders
  • Importing card-based media
  • Capturing from tape
  • Organizing media
  • Relinking offline media
3. Marking and Selecting Clips
  • Basic editing overview
  • Previewing and marking media in the Project panel
  • Previewing and marking clips in the Source panel
4. Basic Video Editing
  • Editing clips into the Timeline
  • Marking and targeting destinations in the Timeline
  • Moving clips in the Timeline and performing a swap edit
  • Adjusting edit points in the Timeline
  • Splitting clips using the Razor tool
  • Deleting clips
  • Performing an insert edit
  • Performing an overwrite edit
  • Dragging to a second layer to edit cutaways
5. Advanced Editing Techniques
  • Performing a three-point edit
  • Performing a replace edit
  • Targeting specific tracks in the Timeline
  • Linking and unlinking audio and video tracks
  • Performing roll and ripple edits
  • Performing slip and slide edits
  • Creating subclips
  • Locating and working with different versions of a clip using Match Frame
6. Improving Your Efficiency and Editing Workflow
  • Taking control of your Timeline
  • Adding video and audio tracks
  • Performing audio-only and video-only edits
  • Changing track visibility and locking tracks
  • Rendering
  • Using the History panel to undo multiple actions
  • Creating keyboard shortcuts
  • Creating buttons
7. Basic Audio Mixing
  • Working with audio
  • Adjusting audio levels in the Source Monitor
  • Adjusting audio levels in the Timeline
  • Adjusting the audio mix on the fly
8. Markers
  • Inserting markers
  • Snapping markers to each other
9. Working with Stills and Graphics
  • Working with stills
  • Moving on stills
  • Exporting and re-importing stills
  • Working with still and animated graphics with transparency
  • Working with layered Photoshop files
10. Modifying Speed
  • Changing speed and reversing a clip
  • Changing speed at a variable rate
  • Creating and using freeze frames
11. Transitions
  • Using transitions
  • Understanding the nuances of transitions
  • Modifying transitions
  • Setting default transitions and applying multiple transitions
12. Effects
  • Applying and modifying effects
  • Applying presets and motion effects
  • Saving favorites
  • Understanding color correction
  • Using adjustment layers
  • Working with green screen and chroma key footage
  • Using the Warp Stabilizer to stabilize clips
  • Applying filters to audio
13. Creating Titles
  • Creating static titles
  • Creating lower thirds
  • Creating a credit roll and crawls
  • Using Photoshop for titles
14. Multicam
  • Introducing multicam editing
  • Creating a multicam clip with timecode
  • Creating a multicam clip using sync points
  • Editing a multicam clip in a Timeline
  • Refining a multicam edit
15. Exporting
  • Exporting a movie
  • Sending to Adobe Media Encoder
  • Printing to video
  • Next steps

Taught by

Abba Shapiro

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