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Premiere Pro Guru: Multi-Camera Video Editing

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Learn how to import, sync, and edit footage from multiple cameras with Premiere Pro.

There are many reasons for shooting with multiple cameras. Perhaps it's to save time or achieve multiple angles. Or it might be to capture what's happening across a large area, like a sports arena or the stage during a concert. Luckily for editors, Adobe Premiere Pro supports editing and syncing footage from multiple cameras in situations like these. The multi-camera editing process in Premiere is similar to live switching that occurs in mobile studios and newsrooms, and helps speed up the post-processing workflow. In this course, Rich Harrington reviews that workflow, showing you how to ingest footage and align it properly, as well as finish your video with color-correction and color-matching techniques.


  • Welcome
  • What you should know before watching the course
  • How to use the exercise files
1. Multicamera Productions
  • Benefits of multicamera productions
  • The multicamera process
  • Synchronization strategies
2. Organizing and Preparing Media
  • Preprocessing
  • Importing files into Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Using content analysis
  • Customizing bin and clip views
  • Modifying timecode
  • Labeling clips
  • Initial white balance
  • Add clips to a multicamera sequence
  • Create the multicamera target sequence
3. Determine the Sync Point
  • Syncing with timecode
  • Syncing with audio
  • Syncing with a visual sync point
  • Syncing with markers
4. Syncing with PluralEyes
  • Importing into PluralEyes
  • Aligning clips with PluralEyes
  • Checking alignment
  • Exporting to Premiere Pro
  • Handing off to Premiere Pro
  • Connecting to Premiere Pro
5. The Multicamera Monitor Panel
  • Essential controls
  • Customizing keyboard shortcuts
  • Creating a multi-camera workspace
6. Editing Multicamera Footage
  • Performing the first edit
  • Adjusting and refining edits
  • Flattening the multicamera sequence
  • Finishing techniques
  • Wrapping up

Taught by

Richard Harrington

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