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Premiere Pro Guru: Organizing Assets

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Learn how to import, organize, and log your footage and other assets in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Organization is key to a successful post-production workflow. This course picks up where the end of your shoot leaves off and before editing begins—when you need to import, organize, and log your footage. Jason Osder shows how to import all different types of assets, from stills to soundtracks, and how to sort and annotate your footage in Adobe Premiere Pro. Plus, learn a few tricks involving Bridge and Prelude (like batch renaming) that will cut your logging time in half.This course was created and produced by RHED Pixel. We are honored to host this content in our library.


  • Welcome
  • What you should know before watching this course
  • How to use the exercise files
  • Organization: What works best for you
1. Asset Organization
  • The benefits of organizing assets
  • Updates to modern workflows
  • Organizing assets in and out of Adobe Premiere Pro
  • The Common Media folder
2. Efficient Importing in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Determining the best import method for your workflow
  • The Metalogging workspace
  • Using the Media Browser
  • Importing footage from a drive
  • Importing photos and graphics
  • Importing layered Photoshop files
  • Importing audio files
  • Importing bins with a CSV file
  • Browsing and importing Premiere Pro projects
  • Importing Final Cut Pro and Avid projects
  • Useful keyboard shortcuts for import
3. Other Adobe Workflows
  • When to use Bridge
  • Creating a collection in Bridge
  • Batch renaming in Bridge
  • When to use Prelude
  • Performing a verified card transfer with Prelude
  • Transcoding media with Prelude
  • Copying to multiple drives with Prelude
  • Moving clips from Prelude to Premiere Pro
4. Organization Inside Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Essential preferences related to media management
  • Logging and pre-editing
  • Understanding the Project panel
  • Adding metadata in the Project panel
  • Sorting and sifting through clips
  • Organizing media with labels
  • Selecting a label group
  • Working with bins
  • Clip markers
  • Sequence markers
  • Marker shortcuts
  • Workarounds with markers
  • Using the Find command
  • Using filters
  • Using subclips
  • Choosing markers vs. subclips
  • Customizing columns
  • Useful keyboard shortcuts for organizing and logging
5. Logging and Pre-Editing with Prelude
  • Adding markers with Prelude
  • Subclipping with Prelude
  • Rough cutting with Prelude
6. Other Export Workflows
  • Understanding metadata
  • The Metadata panel
  • Customizing headings and displays
  • Metadata schema
  • The Timecode panel
  • Speech analysis
  • Wrapping up

Taught by

Jason Osder

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