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Raspberry Pi Weekly

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Get tips and tricks for working with Raspberry Pi. Learn how to create cool electronics projects without a lot of money or time.

Raspberry Pi lets you explore electronics, computer, programming, and the Internet of Things. You can build complex projects on a budget—from robots to media servers. This weekly series helps you create meaningful projects in a short time, and learn tips and key techniques that will help you across your creations. Each episode teaches you a coherent set of software and hardware approaches to connect computing power to the physical world. Join instructor Mark Niemann-Ross every week for a new Raspberry Pi technique.Note: Because this course is an ongoing series, viewers will not receive a certificate of completion.


New This Week:
  • Minecraft and GPIO
  • Raspberry Pi Weekly
  • Why Raspberry Pi?
Previous Episodes
  • The Raspberry Pi family
  • GPIO male to female jumpers
  • Weatherproofing Pi
  • Power and batteries
  • IR rangefinder project
  • Clock project
  • Wire a stepper motor
  • Code a stepper motor
  • gpiozero library
  • Take a screenshot
  • Analog to digital
  • Autostart file setup
  • Simple connection to a speaker
  • Red LED, RGB LED, blink, and glow
  • Connect input to output: Range finder to LED
  • Raspberry Pi Desktop on a laptop
  • Programming with Node-RED
  • Programming IoT with IFTTT
  • Update the Raspberry Pi with apt-get
  • A clean and simple web server
  • Use SSH to control the Raspberry Pi
  • Camera control with raspistill
  • GPIO pinout charts
  • Back up the Raspberry Pi
  • Use SmartSim to explore logic circuits
  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • Change your default password
  • Mathematica and general-purpose input/output (GPIO)
  • Build a Raspberry Pi private cloud
  • Dealing with undervoltage
  • Play music with Sonic Pi
  • Add a printer to Raspberry Pi
  • Use Screenly for web kiosks
  • Use raspivid for Raspberry Pi Videos
  • Build an MQTT publisher
  • Build an MQTT client
  • Connect to MQTT with Node-RED
  • Build an MQTT broker
  • A power switch for the Raspberry Pi
  • Input polling vs. interrupts
  • GPIO Pi headers
  • High-grade audio for the Raspberry Pi
  • Program the Sense HAT with Node-RED
  • Remote GPIO
  • Framboisedorf
  • Use Kano OS
  • What's new with Scratch 3.0?
  • Controlling high voltages with the Raspberry Pi
  • Rotary phone: Intro and switches
  • Rotary phone: Ringer
  • Rotary phone: Speaker
  • Piscope
  • Cron on the RPI
  • Keep your plants watered with a Raspberry Pi
  • Grove HAT
  • Build a door cam with a Raspberry Pi
  • Explore the Sense HAT emulator
  • Use a hard drive with the Raspberry Pi
  • Build a temperature-controlled fan for the Raspberry Pi 4
  • Run COBOL on a Raspberry Pi
  • Adafruit IO
  • Overclocking the Raspberry Pi
  • The boot directory and config.txt
  • Field connection to the Raspberry Pi
  • Rotary phone: Microphone hardware
  • Rotary phone: Microphone software
  • Raspberry Pi 12-megapixel camera
  • Text to speech on a chip
  • Connect GPS to the Raspberry Pi

Taught by

Mark Niemann-Ross

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