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Responsive Typography Techniques

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Learn how to create typography that's beautiful, functional, and easily scalable across tablets, phones, and computers of all types and sizes.


  • Welcome
  • What you should know before watching this course
  • Using the exercise files
  • Using challenges
1. Comparing and Choosing Web Fonts
  • Exploring the goals of typography and responsive design
  • Identifying quality web fonts
  • Matching fonts to chunks of text content
  • Deciding between self-hosted and hosted fonts
  • Understanding how web fonts affect page weight
2. Establishing Rhythm in Your Typographic System
  • Exploring typography scale and vertical rhythm
  • Implementing a modular scale to create typographic hierarchy
  • Vertical rhythm with a base unit
  • Sizing your type: Pixels, ems, and rems
  • Applying viewport units (vh and vw) to typography
  • Applying and choosing our typographic scale
  • Challenge: Select and apply a different scale
  • Solution: Select and apply a different scale
3. Creating Type Prototype Pages
  • Setting up and populating prototype pages
  • Testing type across browsers and devices
  • Establishing the font stack
  • Challenge: Create a font stack
  • Solution: Create a font stack
4. Setting Type for Readability Across Screen Sizes
  • Maintaining line lengths for comfortable reading across screen sizes
  • Using media queries to set natural typographic breakpoints
  • Controlling line breaks for headings
  • Managing flashes of unstyled text (FOUT) using web font events
  • Challenge: Handling your own web font events
  • Solution: Handling your own web font events
5. Helpful Online Tools and Scripts
  • Previewing web type choices with the Typecast app
  • Tools for previewing type and media queries: ish., Edge Inspect, and more
  • Tools for controlling type dynamically with JavaScript and jQuery
  • Next steps: The future of responsive typography

Taught by

Val Head


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