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Rhino: T-Splines

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Learn how to create 3D models of complex organic shapes with T-Splines, the Autodesk plugin for Rhino.

Meet T-Splines, the Rhino plugin for flexible surface modeling. Designed by Autodesk, built for designers like you, T-Splines allows you to model very complex organic shapes much more quickly than what's possible with Rhino alone. In this introductory course, Jean Gorospe provides a comprehensive overview of how T-Splines works. Jean covers the essential tools for working with meshes, creating and editing a model from scratching, converting models to NURBS, and refining your work in Rhino. Chapter 4 focuses on a sample project featuring a model airplane, but you can easily follow along with your own assets.


  • Welcome
  • What you should know before watching this course
  • Using the exercise files
  • What is T-Splines?
1. Going over the UI & Options
  • Setting up the Rhino interface
  • Setting up the toolbar & dock
  • The T-Splines options
  • The dock
  • Text viewport HUD
2. Commands
  • Translate tool in T-Splines
  • Rotate tool in T-Splines
  • Scale tool in T-Splines
  • Set pivot in T-Splines
  • Selecting points (aka vertices) in T-Splines
  • Selecting edges in T-Splines
  • Selecting faces in T-Splines
  • Select objects in T-Splines
  • How to access the tools with hot keys
  • Retopo snap in T-Splines
  • Soft manipulation toggle in T-Splines
3. Model Basic Designs
  • An overview of the T-Splines toolbar
  • Converting meshes and NURBS to T-Splines
  • Creating primitives in T-Splines
  • How to use the pipe tool in T-Splines
  • Using the append tool in T-Splines
  • The loft command in T-Splines
  • Smooth toggle in T-Splines
  • Extrude in T-Splines
  • Extrude line and edge from curve
  • Symmetry options in T-Splines
  • Symmetry tools in T-Splines
  • Thicken in T-Splines
  • Crease in T-Splines
  • Insert point command in T-Splines
  • Insert edge in T-Splines
  • Subdivide in T-Splines
  • Weld points in T-Splines
  • Weld edge in T-Splines
  • Bridge command in T-Splines
  • Match surface in T-Splines
  • Selection sets in T-Splines
  • Flip normals in T-Splines
  • Duplicate faces in T-Splines
4. Building a Toy Plane (Demo)
  • Importing the image reference
  • Building the body of the plane
  • Establishing symmetry to the body
  • Pulling the rear fins
  • Pulling the wings
  • Building the legs
  • Bridging the legs
  • Adding edges to the body
  • Forming the engine propeller
  • Forming the tires
  • Converting the body to a NURB
  • Splitting the body & engine
  • Filleting the edges
  • Building the engines
  • Shaping the cockpit
  • Working on the cockpit
  • Next steps

Taught by

Jean Gorospe

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