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SOLIDWORKS: Making Movies

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Learn how to tell a story about your product design by creating movies in SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDWORKS boasts movie-making functionality that engineers and product designers can use to tell a story about their designs. These animations can help you sell others on your design ideas, as well as clearly communicate how a product should be built and operated. In this course, Elise Moss steps through how to make a movie of your own in SOLIDWORKS. Elise covers how to create motion studies, work with cameras, create your script, control the appearance of your objects, and work with camera views and movement. To wrap up the course, she goes over rules and best practices that can help you determine the overall message of your movie, craft a great script, set up your model, and more.


  • Want to create animations?
  • What you should know
1. Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Movie Making
  • Gallery of animations
2. Exploring the Motion Study Interface
  • What the different tools do
  • How the timeline and keypoints work
  • Understanding the motion browser
3. Starting Off Easy: The Camera Wizard
  • Rotating the model
  • Exploding the model
  • Collapsing the model
  • Saving and adding views to the animation
  • Saving the animation
  • Playing the animation
4. Writing a Great Script
  • Components to a great script: Lights, camera, action!
5. How to Make Things Move
  • Drag a component
  • Copying and pasting keypoints
  • Editing a distance mate
  • Editing an angle mate
  • Traveling along a path
  • Setting up a path
  • Aligning the camera to the path
  • Setting up the animation
  • Creating a walkthrough
  • Reviewing the animation
6. Creating Keypoints for Camera Views
  • Creating saved views
  • Posing the model
  • Using saved views with keypoints
  • Writing the script to create the animation
  • What views when?
  • Reviewing the animation
7. Changing Appearances in Animations
  • Turning parts invisible
  • Turning parts transparent
  • Changing colors
  • Turning parts visible
  • Writing a script to control appearance
  • What changes when?
  • Create the animation using different approaches
  • Reviewing the appearance animation
8. Elements of a Great Movie: Appearances, Camera Views, and Movement
  • Writing a script that combines appearances, camera views, and movement
  • Animate the appearances
  • Animate the camera views
  • Animate the movement
  • Review how the timelines overlap in the motion timeline
  • Create the animation
  • Review the animation
9. So, You Want to Make Movies? Let's Review!
  • What type of movie do you want to make? What is your message?
  • The message guides the script
  • Reviewing the rules for a great script
  • Figure out your timeline
  • What happens when?
  • What makes the movie more entertaining or interesting?
  • Reviewing the rules for file formats when saving your movie
  • Is the file going to be edited or combined with other footage?
  • Reviewing the rules for setting up your model
  • Don't use configurations—use mates that can be edited
  • Set up saved views
  • Create exploded views
  • Planning makes a better movie

Taught by

Elise Moss

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