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Swift 5 Essential Training

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Gain hands-on experience with Swift 5. Learn the fundamentals of this popular programming language, so you can develop your own apps and games for macOS and iOS.

Swift is the programming language for the Apple ecosystem—iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS—and it’s a particularly expressive, fast, safe, and fun language that’s suitable for new and experienced programmers alike. In this course, instructor Harrison Ferrone helps you gain hands-on experience with Swift 5, and prepares you to start developing your own apps and games using this popular language. Following an overview of Swift’s evolution, Harrison takes you through each component of the language. He covers common data types, conditional logic, methods, functions, classes and structs, and more—explaining what you need to know to become proficient in programming with Swift. Examples and use cases are pulled from Harrison’s own games, providing a practical context for each programming element.


  • Begin an adventure with Swift 5
  • Quest accepted: What you should know
1. Getting Started
  • Swift retrospective
  • Getting Xcode
  • Reviewing the exercise files
2. Getting to Know Your Data
  • The quest begins: variables
  • Variables and constants
  • Type safety and inference
  • Logging and commenting
  • Swift operators
  • Understanding strings
  • Working with strings
  • Type conversions
  • Bools and logical operators
  • Introducing optionals
  • Accessing documentation
  • Challenge: Player stats
  • Solution: Player stats
3. Working with Collections
  • Gathering inventory with collections
  • Swift arrays
  • Core array methods
  • Swift dictionaries
  • Core dictionary methods
  • Working with sets
  • Core set methods
  • Swift tuples
  • Challenge: Merchant shop
  • Solution: Merchant shop
4. Application Control Flow
  • Controlling your destiny
  • The if statement
  • Unwrapping optionals
  • Using For-In Loops
  • While loops
  • The switch statement
  • The guard statement
  • Challenge: Game logic
  • Solution: Game logic
5. The Wide World of Functions
  • Leveling the playing field
  • Basic functions
  • Overloading functions
  • Complex functions
  • Function types
  • Understanding closures
  • Using closures
  • Type aliasing
  • Challenge: Battle grounds
  • Solution: Battle grounds
6. Classes, Structs and Beyond
  • Populating the game world
  • Value vs reference types
  • Basic Swift classes
  • Access modifiers and properties
  • Subclassing in swift
  • Basic Swift structs
  • Chaining optionals
  • Challenge: Inventory system
  • Solution: Inventory system
7. Leveling Up with Enums, Protocols, and Errors
  • Final stage, final boss
  • Swift enumerations
  • Raw & associated values
  • Introducing protocols
  • Using extensions
  • Throwing errors
  • Handling errors
  • Challenge: Battle actions
  • Solution: Combat actions
  • Next steps

Taught by

Harrison Ferrone

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