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Unity 4: 2D Essential Training

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Learn how to build a 2D game with players, obstacles, formidable enemies, and multiple levels with Unity.

Many of the games hitting app stores are 2D games. Unity is the perfect engine for designing them. Why? Unity 2D has a drag-and-drop sprite importer, built-in texture atlasing, a sprite animation editor, a dedicated 2D renderer with features like layers/depth and parallax scrolling, and the open-source Box2D physics engine. (If you've played games like Angry Birds, you've seen Box2D in action!) Here Jesse Freeman shows you how to take advantage of these features and build reusable components that you can use in your own games. He'll show you how to import artwork, create and link animations, build and control a player, create formidable enemies, add obstacles, build out different levels, and accept touch and controller input from players. The last chapter shows how to publish your finished game on a variety of platforms: iOS, Android, desktop computers, and the web. Watch now and start building the next blockbuster.


  • Welcome
  • Using the exercise files
1. Getting Started with Unity
  • How to use the IDE
  • Introducing scripts in Unity
  • Understanding data structures
  • Working with properties and methods
2. Working with Sprites
  • Importing sprites
  • Cutting up sprite sheets
  • Cutting up additional sprites
  • Building animations
3. Creating a Player
  • Creating a player prefab
  • Adding collision to the player
  • Moving left and right
  • Moving up
  • Creating a controller class
  • Changing animations on the player
  • Connecting up jet animations
  • Cleaning up the player
4. Interactive Objects
  • Creating collectable objects
  • Randomly selecting sprites
  • Creating a push block
  • Creating switches
  • Creating a door and code
  • Creating the door trigger
  • Connecting the obstacles together
  • Creating gizmos
  • Deadly obstacles
  • Exploding the player
5. Aliens and AI
  • Creating aliens that walk
  • Keeping aliens on the platform
  • Making aliens attack
  • Animation-based attack trigger
  • Enabling aliens to shoot
  • Working with alien projectiles
6. Making a Level
  • Building a level
  • Setting up the camera
  • Populating the level
  • Lighting effects
7. Working with Sound
  • Playing 3D sounds
  • Playing 2D sounds
  • Cleaning up sounds
8. Managing Scenes
  • Creating a splash screen
  • Switching between scenes
  • Exiting and resetting levels
  • Adding a level timer limit
  • Displaying the time-limit bar
9. Publishing Basics
  • Publishing overview
  • Next steps

Taught by

Jesse Freeman

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