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Unity: AR Visualization 03 Complex Interactivity

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Learn how to create collaborative multi-user augmented reality (AR) experiences with Unity.

Augmented reality is most powerful when it offers shared experiences: opportunities to collaborate in a virtual world. In this course, you can take the functional AR application built in Roger Miller’s previous courses—a 3D parts manager for the aerospace industry—and learn how to share and update the app’s data, from simple notes to object positions in real time, using PlayerIO. The resulting apps allows multiple users to manipulate and exchange notes on the same parts. Along the way, Roger explains how to script functionality that allows users to take, save, and share notes and sync data as well as movement within the app. This course is ideal for Unity engineers that want to expand their scripting and programming skills and break into the AR development space.


  • Creating collaborative AR experiences
  • What you should know
  • Using the exercise files
1. Overview
  • The power of sharing visual information
2. Syncing Space
  • Overview of the tracker solution
  • Creating a reference image
  • The tracked image manager
  • Accessing the tracked image manager
  • AR app in action
3. Take Note: Adding Note Functionality
  • Overview of the note system
  • Adding the button to the in-world UI
  • Making the note data structure
  • Making the note UI objects
  • Making the Part UI Note script
  • Integrating the Part UI Note
  • Adding notes to the in-world UI
  • Capturing the note with the keyboard
  • AR app in action
4. Adding Notes to the Save Data
  • Adding notes to the data structure
  • Saving notes
  • Loading notes
5. Welcome to the Data Stream
  • How to share your data
  • Getting access to PlayerIO
  • Installing the PlayerIO SDK
6. Syncing Data with PlayerIO
  • Create sync UI, state, and methods
  • Creating your network manager
  • Connecting to PlayerIO
  • Starting a multiplayer connection
  • Testing your multiplayer connection
  • Creating a message handler
  • Processing the join message
  • Working with world state
  • Sending hide messages
  • Making your parts relative
  • Syncing movement
  • Syncing the addition of notes
  • Syncing the deletion of notes
  • AR app in action
  • Next steps

Taught by

Roger Miller

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