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Writing with Flair: How to Become an Exceptional Writer

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Learn practical tips to improve your writing. Explore the mindset of an elite writer and learn what top wordsmiths do to keep their writing purposeful, concise, and a joy to read.


1. The World of Elite Writing
  • Welcome
  • Tools, not rules
  • Proof the secret sauce works
2. Mindset of an Elite Writer
  • Mindset principle: Write with integrity
  • Mindset principle: Yearn to connect
  • Mindset principle: Know your intent
  • Mindset principle: Aspire for beauty
  • Mindset principle: Balance the ingredients like an artist
  • Mindset principle: Don't be obsessed with perfection
3. Simplicity
  • The beauty of simplicity
  • Fancy, flowery, and official language
  • Fancy, flowery, and official language: Exercises
  • Economical ("tight") writing
  • Economical ("tight") writing: Exercises
  • Redundant words
  • Redundant words: Exercises
  • More implied words
  • More implied words: Exercises
  • Long words
  • Long words: Exercises
  • Careless repetition
  • Careless repetition: Exercises
  • Rambling (saying too much)
  • Double negatives
  • Multiply entities
  • Overstretching thoughts
  • Unnecessary ceremony
  • Unnecessary ceremony: Exercises
  • Excessive punctuation
4. Clarity
  • The beauty of clarity
  • Fuzzy thinking
  • Missing links
  • Out-of-focus ideas
  • Misplaced modifiers
  • Ambiguity
  • Ambiguity: Exercises
  • Careless comparisons
  • Clumsy contrasts
  • Dubious distinctions
  • Curly writing
  • Jargon and buzzwords
  • Mixed tenses
  • It versus they
  • This, that, and the
  • Remove clutter
5. Elegance
  • The beauty of elegance
  • Presentational elegance or "house style"
  • Narrative elegance
  • Narrative elegance: Exercises
  • Stray thoughts
  • Elegant paragraphs
  • Elegant paragraphs: Exercises
  • Timing, rhythm, and musicality
  • Timing, rhythm, and musicality: Exercises
  • Elegant transitions
  • Parallel ideas
  • Parallel ideas: Exercises
  • Word echoes
6. Evocativeness
  • The beauty of evocativeness
  • Create variety
  • Create variety: Exercises
  • Add freshness
  • Dramatic and forceful writing
  • Dramatic and forceful writing: Exercises
  • Arouse the senses
  • Reversing into sentences: Part 1
  • Reversing into sentences: Part 2
  • Passive sentences
  • Passive sentences: Exercises
  • Voice, tone, and character
  • Voice, tone, and character: Exercises
  • Summary

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Shani Raja


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