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The key features of this course includes the following topics• An in-depth understanding of sampling, reconstruction, sampling rate conversion using multirate building blocks • Applications of multirate DSP – Filter design, Filterbanks, Transmultiplexer, Delta-Sigma A/D • Mathematical framework for Perfect Reconstruction Filter banks• Achieving capacity in wireless channels, motivation for Multicarrier modulation, Redundancy via zero padding and cyclic prefix • Mathematical framework for OFDM and its extensions • Introduction to Wavelets and Multichannel filter banks• Matlab-based computer exercises to gain understanding of multirate DSP concepts and applications. 


Week 1  :  Introduction• Overview of Sampling and Reconstruction • Review Discrete-Time Systems, digital filters
Week 2  :  Oversampling techniques, DT processing of continuous time signals 
Week 3  :  Fundamentals of Multi-rate Systems• Basic building blocks – Up sampling, down sampling, aliasing• Mathematical framework for sampling rate change 
Week 4  :  Sampling rate change and filtering, fractional sampling rate change 
Week 5 :  Interconnection of multirate DSP blocks, Multiplexer and Demultiplexer functionality, Polyphase decomposition, Noble Identities, efficient implementation of sampling rate conversion
Week 6  :  Applications of Multirate DSP - DFT-based Filterbanks, Interpolated FIR filter design, Cascaded-Integrator-Comb (CIC) filters, Transmultiplexer, Filterbank interpretation of Spectral analysis using DFT 
Week 7  :  Two channel maximally decimated filter bank, Signal impairments - Aliasing, Magnitude distortion, Phase distortion, Aliasing cancellation 
Week 8 : Allpass filters, properties, application in two channel filterbanks, Half-band filters, Power complementary filter pairs, Mth band filters, two channel perfection reconstruction filterbanks. 
Week 9  :  Capacity of wireless channels, Waterfilling method, motivation for Multicarrier modulation 
Week 10  :  Block transceivers with redundancy, Zero-padding, cyclic prefix, OFDM, extensions of OFDM incuding Filterbank Multicarrier (FBMC) 
Week 11  :  Application of Multirate DSP – Delta Sigma A/D conversion 
Week 12  :  Introduction to wavelets and M-channel perfect reconstruction filterbanks. 

Taught by

Prof. R. David Koilpillai

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