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Lead a Team to Success

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Do you want to become an inspiring and motivating team leader helping your team achieve goals and objectives and reach their fullest potential through learning and development?

Effective teams work together towards a common goal. Top managers know that effective teams create positive culture, increase productivity, foster innovation and enhance business growth. Now you have a unique opportunity to develop skills in leadership and management and lead your team to success!

What You Will Learn

This course will guide you towards developing skills in leading and facilitating effective work teams. By the end of this course, you will have a deep understanding of how people work together, how you can help them grow and learn, and how to overcome everyday challenges as a team. You will understand the complexity of human interactions at the workplace and you will be able to apply it into your daily practice. Your team will have an opportunity to thrive, stay motivated and content in their roles.

Target Skills
  • This course will help you develop skills required to form and facilitate an effective team and to become a motivating team leader. You will develop leadership skills, including communication, problem-solving and change management skills.
  • Plan to achieve team outcomes
  • Lead the team to develop cohesion
  • Participate in and facilitate the work team
  • Liaise with management


Week 1: Overview of teams 

In Week 1, we will start our learning experience by getting to know what a team and its structure is, what the role of a manager and a team leader is and how your organisation can benefit from team effectiveness. We will explore world-class cultures and successful start ups across the world.  

Week 2: Team planning 

In Week 2, we will move a step forward and experience the planning process within the team, including setting goals and objectives and communicating roles and responsibilities. We will also learn how to ‘think win-win’ and achieve consensus through effective process of negotiation.   

Week 3: Leading and developing the team 

In Week 3, we will delve into dynamic processes of team development, including stages of team development and growth, applying leadership styles based on the maturity level of the team, team cohesiveness and team innovation. We will also look at how the awareness of the team dynamics can help managers build effective and cohesive teams.  

Week 4: Facilitating and participating in the work team 

In Week 4, we will inquire about the methods of effective team facilitation. We will learn what management responsibilities, team culture and effective communication is. We will develop skills necessary to motivate, to coach and mentor your team, to facilitate team meetings and to monitor performance and provide feedback.  

Week 5: Managing change and solving problems 

Each team experiences changes and problems sometimes. They way they manage them reflects the team strength and team effectiveness. In Week 5, we will look at managing changes, why some people resist change and how we can help them overcome the resistance. We will learn about problem-solving in the team and solving problem in detail and we will gain skills in managing team conflicts.  

Week 6: Communicating with management and the work team 

In Week 6, we will focus on communicating and reporting to management and to your team. You will develop communication skills required for receiving and providing effective feedback to your team. Lastly, you will have a chance to celebrate your project achievements!  

Week 7: The finish line! 

In this very last week, you will have a great opportunity to complete your Major Tasks you've been working on throughout the course. You can double-check your answers and documents and make sure you've included everything required and what you think is relevant to the course. You can still make changes if needed. In Week 7, you will finish the course, celebrate your achievements and get ready for another course :). You can also ask for feedback or peer review (we strongly recommend it).  


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    Overview of teams ,we will start our learning experience,Team planning,Leading and developing the team , Facilitating and participating in the work team, Managing change and solving problems , Communicating with management and the work team,The finish line.

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