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Doing More with SAS Programming

SAS via Coursera


This course is for business analysts and SAS programmers who want to learn data manipulation techniques using the SAS DATA step and procedures to access, transform, and summarize data. The course builds on the concepts that are presented in the Getting Started with SAS Programming course and is not recommended for beginning SAS software users.

In this course you learn how to understand and control DATA step processing, create an accumulating column and process data in groups, manipulate data with functions, convert column type, create custom formats, concatenate and merge tables, process repetitive code, and restructure tables. This course addresses Base SAS software.

Before attending this course, you should be able to write DATA step code to access data, subset rows and columns, compute new columns, and process data conditionally. You should also be able to sort tables using the SORT procedure and
apply SAS formats.


  • Course Overview and Data Setup
    • In this module you get an overview of what you learn in this course and you set up the software and data you use for activities and practices in the course.
  • Controlling DATA Step Processing
    • In this module, we dig deeper into the DATA step. You learn how the DATA step processes data behind the scenes. Then you use this knowledge to control when and where the DATA step outputs rows to new tables.
  • Summarizing Data
    • In this module, you learn new syntax that enables you to alter the default behavior of the DATA step to solve a problem. First you learn to create an accumulating column, or in other words generate a running total. Then you learn to process data in groups, so you can perform an action when each group begins or ends.
  • Manipulating Data with Functions
    • In this module, you learn to use some new functions that enable you to manipulate numeric, date, and character values. In addition, you learn to use functions that change a column from one data type to another.
  • Creating and Using Custom Formats
    • In this module, you learn to create and use custom formats to enhance the way your data is displayed in a table or report.
  • Combining Tables
    • In this module, we take a comprehensive look at combining tables by using the DATA step. You learn to concatenate tables, merge tables, and identify matching and nonmatching rows.
  • Processing Repetitive Code
    • In this module, you learn to save time by taking advantage of iterative processing with DO loops. First you learn to create an iterative DO Loop, then you learn to create conditional DO loops.
  • Restructuring Tables
    • In this module, you learn techniques that can be used to transpose or restructure a table. First you learn to restructure data with the DATA step. Then you learn to restructure data by using the TRANSPOSE procedure.

Taught by

Stacey Syphus

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  • Berbelek completed this course, spending 15 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.

    Level 2 of great introduction to SAS. The course offers a lot of interactive coding experience with SAS Studio platform through many activities and code-based quizes. It leads from easier to more complicated examples, starting from scripts missing single statements, ending on code to be written from scratch to achieve a specific result. Hard to imagine better way to design such a course. Great learning experience.

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