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Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Engineering Self-Reflection for Human Completion

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology via Coursera

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Have you ever seriously reflected on yourself? It is difficult to do because you spend your busy life every day with so much to do. Therefore, you are always looking forward, looking ahead. It is not easy to stop and take time to reflect on yourself. Research shows that if you reflect on yourself through meditation or writing a diary, you can work more efficiently and become a successful leader.

In this lecture, I will introduce a practical methodology of self-reflection meditation.  It is also a sustainable methodology you can practice in ordinary life. You will check your path in life, and you can understand yourself better in social relationships. You can concentrate on the purpose of your life through self-reflection. Examples from nature and air vehicles are also used as corollaries to demonstrate how to live a fulfilling life.

After reflecting on yourself according to this methodology, you will know clearly your character, your pattern of response, past trauma and your current problems.  If you eliminate the negative mind of the causes of the problem, your inner positive strength will be revealed. And more, you will also learn the methodology to live a free and complete life. It is highly recommended for students with engineering and science backgrounds to enroll in such a humanities course to achieve a balanced education and life.

Human completion is to exceed your boundaries and live with your neighbors in the world in happiness and harmony. This is a totally new methodology.


Week 1: Necessity of self-reflection

Self- reflection is the methodology of meditation for growth, happiness and human completion

-   Why do we need self-reflection?

-   Academic research on self-reflection

-   Draw my life graph

-   Ultimate purpose of self-reflection 

Week 2: Principle and practice of self-reflection

Learn the principle of self-reflection and practice the self–reflection through 5 subjects

-   Methodology of self-reflection

-   Practice of self-reflection through 5 essential subjects (barrier in relationships, inferiority and ego in childhood, emotion of love and hatred since childhood, worries, response to problems )

-   My past life and my current self

Week 3: Copied world and real world

Recognize the copied world and real world and think of living free from the self.

-    Principle of mind formation

-    Human recognition observed by philosophers and neuroscientists

-    Understanding the reasons why we cannot live with free will

-    Human mind and Original mind 

Week 4: Methodology of mind subtraction changes myself

Learn and practice the methodology of mind subtraction

-    Do you want to change yourself?

-    Methodology of mind subtraction

-    Repetition of the self-reflection of 5 essential subjects

-    Real potential and positive mind 

Week 5: Self-reflection and mind subtraction in ordinary life.

Learn and practice the methodology of self-reflection and subtraction the mind in everyday life.

-    Stress is the impetus for growth

-    Case study on overcoming the self

-    Health-mind relationship and brain wave changes

-    Meaning of self-reflection and mind subtraction in life. 

Week 6: Starting point of new life, life with wisdom and peaceful world

Let’s start the peaceful life with wisdom

-    Draw your life graph again

-    People at school and the office practicing self-reflection continuously

-    Meaning of self-reflection in social aspects (through reflections on communication and relationships)

-    Starting point of peaceful life with wisdom

Taught by

Duck-Joo Lee


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  • Profile image for Fssc Ghhh
    Fssc Ghhh
    This course could teach me to understand how can one achieve completion through self-reflection, and that's what I always have been looking for. I always have had lacking of happiness, and satisfaction. I have a decent job and good husband, but I al…
  • Melody Johnson
    This was a life changing course for me. After having attended countless seminars, retreats, and classes over the years, this was only the one that actually provided clear directions for what I needed to do to permanently get off the roller coaster o…
  • CJ Lee
    I was suffering depression, anxiety and heart attack after taking this class. I found that the course is written by members of woo myung cult (maum meditation or subtraction meditation). This class is used to deceive students to follow his dangerous cult. Woo Myung lied and award himself with many bogus prizes because he lives in his false picture world. He has several cult locations and he has destroyed many families.
  • Anonymous
    This course is about Maum Meditation, which is a cult! It was founded by Woo Myung, who lies on his websites and brochures, and scams people! I was shocked to find out after I Googled the background of the course. For your safety and sanity, my advise is: Don't take this course!
  • Anonymous
    This class is definitely beneficial for anyone. Worth to take it. When I just saw the main title "engineering Self-Reflection for Human Completion" I couldn't resist myself not to take this course. I always have been interested in mind thing like me…
  • Ashley K
    I came across with this workshop a few days ago. I am still processing the lessons I am getting from Mr. Lee but so far it had been fairly easy to comprehend the whole concept. Right now my situations in life does not allow to meditate as long as I want to, however I will keep listening and trying to integrate this particular meditation method.
  • Peter James
    I was very impressed by this lecture. This lecture talks about looking back myself and about human completion. And it was very reasonable and logically solved the problem. I am usually interested in meditation. If I can become human completion through meditation, I really have to work hard.
  • Profile image for Seoyoung Jeong
    Seoyoung Jeong
    Since I start to take this course, I'm loving it! It is really mindful:) I can't wait to finish this course, so I can be more awakening!
  • Stanley Mwangi

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