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Fauxsaics in Procreate: Make A Typographic Mosaic

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➤  Class Description

Learn how to make digital mosaics (aka “fauxsaics”) on the iPad Pro with Procreate. This is an incredibly fun illustration technique that has soared in popularity in recent years – and for good reason. Not only are fauxsaics really fun to make, but the end result is extremely eye-catching and rewarding.

You don't have to be a lettering artist to take this class, but if you are,  you will love turning your hand-lettered design into mosaic art. If you're not a lettering artist, don't worry because I also show you how to make a design using a digital font.

➤  Prerequisites

This class is for students who already have some experience with Procreate for iPad Pro. If you need to learn the ropes first, start with my comprehensive beginner's class: Procreate for Absolute Beginners. You do not need to be a lettering artist to take this class. If you are, you will enjoy incorporating your lettering into the design. If you're not, I show you how to make art based on fonts.

➤  Downloadables

I've included my very own Procreate Mosaic Brush Pack for free to students in this class. ("Mollys_Mosaic_Brushes.brushset"). There are 50 brushes for tile patterns, drawing tiles, grout, and textures. There is also a PDF showing samples of each brush which is a helpful reference while you work. All these are available to students as free downloads in the "Projects & Resources" section.

Get the expanded edition of my Fauxsaics brush pack here!

➤  My font

In this class I create a project using my own hand lettering font, Honeydew. You can purchase it here, if you'd like, however it is not a requirement for the class.

➤  All my Procreate brush packs:

  • Fauxsaics Procreate Pattern Brushes (expanded edition)
  • Calligraphy Nibs Procreate Brush Pack
  • Calligraphy Composition Maker for Procreate
  • Watercolor Script Procreate Brush Pack
  • Inky Lettering Procreate Brush Pack
  • Chalk Script Procreate Brush Pack
  • Animal Flourishes Procreate Stamp Pack
  • FREE Procreate brushes from my Lettering Toolkit➤  Other useful links:
  • SmudgeGuard Touchscreen Gloves
  • My intro class to Procreate: Procreate for Absolute Beginners
  • My Flourished Calligraphy Layouts in Procreate class
  • Procreate Support Forum for general questions about the app

Get my FREE Lettering Toolkit, including practice sheets, lettering guides, and Procreate brushes, at


➤  More tutorials:

+ My three calligraphy books offer more lessons and inspiration

+ My YouTube channel is full of free, bite-sized tutorials and demonstrations

+ My other Skillshare classes are all about hand lettering, from how to digitize calligraphy and make flourished layouts, to mastering the art of lettering on the iPad.


+ Tag me in your projects on Instagram: @mollysuberthorpe. I'd love to have a peek at your work!

+ Sign up for my Workshop News Bulletin to stay informed about my upcoming, in-person classes.

+ Visit, my massive online resource guide for lettering artists and creative freelancers, with 1,000+ recommended supplies, books, online classes, and helpful links.


Some of the links above are affiliate links.


  • Let’s Make Fauxsaics!
  • Mosaic Brushes
  • File Setup
  • Adding Typography
  • Tile Cutting
  • Second Row of Tiles
  • Background Tiles
  • Tile Shaping
  • Recoloring Whole Layers
  • Coloring Individual Tiles
  • Adding Dimension
  • Even More Dimension
  • Create Irregular Tile Colors
  • Adding Light & Shadow
  • Cropping
  • Hand-Painted Effect
  • Method 2: Using A Grid Brush
  • Method 3: Draw Entirely by Hand
  • Adding Feet
  • Share Your Class Project
  • BONUS: My Touchscreen Glove
  • BONUS: Start to Finish Time Lapse

Taught by

Molly Suber Thorpe

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