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How To Use GMAIL To Maximize Your Productivity

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A step-by-step system for reaching inbox zero, drastically reducing your email count and increasing your productivity


Do you ever feel like you can never take a break from email... that you can never get ahead of the constant stream of messages coming your way... that instead of you controlling your inbox, it controls your life?

I for sure did.

I was spending HOURS PER DAY IN MY INBOX and I was always behind... never catching a break... never seeing the coveted "inbox zero".


I decided to fight back.

I read all the books, took all the courses and put all the gmail and inbox zero tactics to the test. Some worked, some were a complete waste of time and some needed a little tweak.

I ended up creating a step-by-step system that allowed me to go from 3651 unread emails to a constant inbox zero in just 60 days.


You can get all the battle-tested tactics so you can get back control of your inbox, eliminate all the stress and start using Gmail productively and efficiently.

Here is just a taste of what's inside this course:

  • How to set up Gmail for maximum efficiency
  • All the options, features and tweaks you need to enable in order to turn your inbox into your productivity hub
  • The ONLY 5 tactics you'll ever need to ensure that you are always on top of your emails
  • How to consolidate all your emails into one inbox for easy access
  • How to get rid of ALL THE UNNECESSARY emails that don't belong in your inbox - less emails to process, less time needed
  • How to create an unlimited number of "throwaway" email addresses - this simple trick will blow you away
  • How to process emails in record time
  • The easiest (and quickest) way to decide what action to take with each email
  • How to make Gmail do all the heavy work for you with the proper use of filters
  • How to DRASTICALLY REDUCE your email count
  • Increasing your typing speed with this simple tactic will turn you into an email processing ninja
  • How to make sure your Gmail account is fully secure
  • Use this simple technique to practically guarantee that you Gmail account is never going to get hacked
  • And much more...

This is a step-by-step inbox zero system that you can start using today. Just login, watch the videos, follow along and watch your productivity soar.

Gmail can be your productivity headquarters... but only if you know how to use it properly.

It is time for you to:

  • Get in charge of your inbox (and your life)...
  • Start using Gmail to its fullest potential...
  • Drastically reduce that time that you spend in your inbox...
  • Finally achieve (and keep) inbox zero...

Are you interested?

Let's do this!


  • Welcome Message From Kosio Angelov
  • Overview Of The Entire System - What Can You Expect
  • How To Set Up Gmail For Maximum Efficiency
  • How To Consolidate All Your Email Accounts Into One (And Why)
  • Inbox Zero Fundamentals - The 5 Strategies That Make It Possible
  • How To Decide Which Emails To Keep And Which Ones To Discard
  • How To Quickly (And Easily) Unsubscribe From All Unecessary Emails
  • How To Create An Unlimited Amount Of "Throwaway" Email Addresses
  • Advanced Unsubscribe Technique
  • The ONLY 5 Actions To Take With Each Email
  • How To Take Your Processing To The Next Level Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Filters Are Your Best Friend - Use Them To Boost Your Productivity
  • How To Use Labels Propely
  • Typing Speed - Where Small Impvorements Lead To BIG Results
  • How To Secure Your Gmail Account And Make Sure You Never Get Locked Out
  • Advanced Security Options - Taking Your Gmail Security To The Next Level
  • Boomerang for Gmail - How To Schedule Messages To Be Sent In The Future

Taught by

Kosio Angelov


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