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How to Write a Successful Research Paper

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Writing research papers is one of the most vital academic skills.

Universities evaluate performance primarily based on the quality of your research papers.

Moreover, publishing research papers is necessary to get promotion, tenure or even to stay in academia.

Whether you are writing a manuscript for scientific publication, a doctoral thesis, or Bachelor/ Master thesis, this course can help you to achieve a better paper in less time.

Learn what makes a research paper effective and follow the steps to create your own groundbreaking research paper.

What will you be able to DO after this course?

  • UNDERSTAND the purpose, logic, and structure of research papers.

  • IDENTIFY the qualities that make a research paper effective.

  • STREAMLINE your writing process to achieve a better paper in less time.

  • KNOW what to write in each part of each section.
  • USE software to create perfect citations in seconds.

  • MASTER English expressions that experienced writers use to write clearly and concisely.

What TOOLS will you get from this course?

  • TEMPLATES and samples for every paper section.

  • A link to FREE SOFTWARE to create perfectly formatted citations with ease.

  • Common ENGLISH EXPRESSIONS in academic writing.

  • CHECKLISTS to ensure that you get the most out of this course.

Simply put, this course will enable you to write an effective research paper without becoming enslaved to it.

Are you tired of sorting through the mess of writing a research paper?

I used to find writing research papers tedious and frustrating.

To be honest, I barely reached the passing grade for my first research paper.

Fortunately, I found great mentors who showed me the way.

First, my grades improved, then I won prices, and later my research got published in competitive journals.

To my surprise, writing started to feel easy and even fun.

In retrospect, the reason why writing felt frustrating was simply that I did not know how to write.

Think of it like this: finding your way through the jungle hard without a map but relatively easy once you do have a map.

I created this course so that it can be your map.

So what will you learn specifically?

  • The two elements of an effective research paper.

  • How to get your readers intrigued by your research.

  • How to draw compelling conclusions.

  • Strategies to streamline your writing process.

  • How to avoid writer's block.

  • How to create perfectly formatted citations in seconds.

  • How to find the right target journal for your paper.

  • The three goals of the introduction section.

  • How to quickly find relevant research articles for your introduction.

  • A simple trick to get almost every research article for free.

  • How to scan articles quickly.

  • How to outline and write every part of your introduction section (TEMPLATE included).

  • How to outline and write every part of your methods section (TEMPLATE for research with human participants included).

  • How to outline and write every part of your results section (TEMPLATE included).

  • The two goals of the discussion section.

  • How to outline and write every part of the discussion section (TEMPLATE included).

  • How to deal with limitations without lowering the impact of your research.

  • How to write an attractive and compelling abstract.

  • How to construct an effective title.

  • Common English expressions to make your writing flow even if you are not a native speaker (full disclosure: neither am I).

  • How to edit and polish your paper.

  • In the end, you will get a checklist to help you to apply everything you have learned.

In short, you will learn specifically why, what, when, where, and how to write your research paper.

Once you start with this course, you can simply follow the lectures and let them guide you through the writing process.

You will also receive samples, templates, and checklists to help you to apply each lesson to your paper.

Best of all, you can ask me questions anytime and you can have my full support on every step of the way.


  • Introduction!
  • The Two Elements of an Effective Research Paper
  • How to Make your Research Compelling Without Overselling
  • Avoid Wasting Time: Two Strategies to Streamline Your Writing
  • The Three Goals of the Introduction Section
  • How to Find Relevant Citations in a Seemingly Endless Literature
  • A Simple Trick to Get Almost Every Research Article For free
  • How to Quickly Scan Research Articles
  • How to Create Perfect Citations In Seconds Using Free Software
  • How to Create an Overview of the Literature
  • Outlining: Create The Blueprint of Your Introduction
  • A Few Tips for Writing the Introduction
  • From Outline to Text: How to Write the First Draft
  • First Paragraph: Attract The Reader
  • Middle Paragraphs: The Gap In The Literature
  • Last Paragraph: A Hero Emerges (Hint: It's You)
  • The Goal of the Method Section
  • How to Structure and Outline Your Method Section
  • From Outline to Text: How to Write Your Methods Section
  • The Goal of the Results Section
  • How to Structure and Outline Your Results Section
  • From Outline to Text: How to Write your Results Section
  • The Two Goals of the Discussion Section
  • Outlining: How to Construct the Blueprint of Your Discussion
  • How to Deal With Serious Limitations Without Lowering Your Impact
  • First Paragraphs
  • Implications
  • Limitations: How to Be Transparent Without Lowering Your Impact
  • Summary & Conclusions
  • Acknowledgements Section
  • How to Add a Perfectly Formatted List of References in Seconds
  • How to Write an Effective Abstract (Hint: It Is More Than a Summary)
  • How to Create a Strong Title
  • Editing 1: Five Tips to Take Your Writing to the Next Level
  • Editing 2: How to Be Clear AND Concise (At The Same Time)
  • Summary: The Whole Course in Less Than 3 Minutes
  • Conclusion
  • BONUS: How to Deal With Null-Results?

Taught by

Andre Klapper, PhD

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