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Recession Basics and How to Prepare for 2020 - Investing, Economics, Money and Finance

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In April 2020, we are experiencing a pandemic and a global recession.

Are you prepared? Do you know what happens during a recession?

This class is a must watch class as we enter into the first recession since 2008. Please watch this class and inform yourself.

Please download and print the handout BEFORE watching this class.


Review from Student Below:

First and above all, great job on this Son! It’s tough to teach intricate things fast and clear, but you did it well. Post Shutdowns there is likely going to be a paradigm shift in how we think about work, money and planning expectations. Gig work, freelance and bootstrapping an online business surely will be important for those that go from Jobless to unemployed or are deep within pool of job seekers. Understanding the big picture is important. Keep it up Son! Your work is really helpful.


Watch this class to learn about the basics of a recession and how you can prepare for one.

You will want to download and print a copy of the handout in the class project section!

After you're done watching this class, watch the Art of a Side Hustle to being building your skills now and not waste any time.


  • Intro to Recession Basics
  • Agenda for Today
  • The Great Recession By the Numbers Revised
  • At Will Employment
  • Recession Indicators
  • What is a Recession
  • Recessions Happen Every 6 Years
  • What Happens During a Recession Overview
  • Unemployment Explained
  • Jobless Claims vs Unemployment
  • Unemployment with your state
  • Consumers Spend Less Money
  • 2 Reasons Debt is Used
  • Key Takeaways
  • Businesses Will Go Bankrupt
  • How Bankruptcies Work - Student Question
  • Recent College Grads
  • Building a Capital Base
  • Capital Base Jenga Blocks
  • Net Worth Explanied
  • Negative Net Worth
  • High and Low Net Worth
  • 4 Steps To Prepare for Recession
  • How Society Confuses Us
  • Side Hustles
  • 6 Months of Savings
  • You Can Lose Your Job Tomorrow
  • Live Below Your Means
  • Difference Between 2008 and 2020 Recession
  • Emerging Markets Impact Could Be Significant
  • Global Impact in 3 Graphs
  • Steps to Keeping Your Job
  • Making a good impression
  • Working 100 hours a week (Amazon and Grocery Store Workers)
  • Saving During a Recession
  • Recession = Opportunity
  • Take Any Job That Pays In A Recession
  • 2020 Explained - Two things happening stocks decline and oil declines
  • 2020 Explained - Stimulus Bill Intro
  • 2020 Explained - Individuals and Businesses Can't Handle Recession
  • Operating Leverage - Student Question
  • June Update Stats and USA Debt
  • 2020 Explained - Why the recovery will take time
  • Saving Money During COVID 19 Recession
  • Possible Outcomes - Bull Case Bear Case
  • Art of a Side Hustle - Build Skills Now!
  • Conclusion
  • OPTIONAL - Advanced Level Finance Knowledge - CFA Level
  • OPTIONAL - Financial Contagion
  • OPTIONAL - April 2020 Update To See Where Things Changed

Taught by

BrainyMoney And Son Han, CFA,CPA


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