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The Fab Four of Personal Finance - Get your money in order and live the life you deserve!

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It's March/April 2020 and we're going through a global recession. Watch a course about the recession here.

Do you want to get your money organized and not sure where to start? This class is FOR YOU!

This class makes it very easy to understand your money and to get ahead of everyone else. You'll be ahead of 80% of people if you learn and practice what is in this class!

We're going to cover Personal Finance today and the simple steps to getting your finances in order. Once you're ready to start your Freelance Business, watch our course here on how to start your Freelance Business.


  • About Son Han, Your Coach
  • 01 Why
  • 02 The Material is Easy
  • 04 Purpose of the Course
  • 05 Benfits of taking this course
  • 06 Why Personal Finance Matters
  • 07 This is PERSONAL
  • 08 Live Below Your Means
  • 09 What Does Being Rich Mean
  • 10 High Net Worth
  • 11 Netw Worth The Most Important Number
  • 12 Focus on Net Worth
  • Additional Info - Building a Capital Base Jenga Blocks
  • Additional Info 2 Detail Review of Blocks
  • Additional Info 3 Negative Net Worth and Lose Your Job
  • Additional Info 4 Green and Lose Your Job
  • Understanding At Will Employment
  • 13 Intro to The Core Four
  • 14 Financing vs
  • 15 How People Buy such Expensive Cars
  • 16 Core Principal 1 Earn more Than You Spend
  • 17 Side Hustles
  • = Cool website!
  • 18 Emergency Fund = Screw You Fund
  • 19 Core Principal 2 Pay Off All Your Debt
  • 20 Incentives For Banks Explained
  • 21 Core Principal 3
  • 22 Lifestyle Inflation Animation
  • 23 Core Principal 4 Invest 10 a month through Betterment
  • Only Invest What You Can Lose
  • Investing is not gambling but you can lose money
  • 25 The Power of Compounding Interest
  • 26 Types of Savings Accounts
  • 27 401K and IRA Basics
  • 28 Lets Invest $10 with Betterment
  • 29 Automate Your Finances
  • 30 Long Term Savings Rate Goal
  • 31 Credit Scores Debunked
  • 32 Understanding Student Loans
  • 33 Financial Freedom
  • 34 Irrational Behavior and Treat Yo Self
  • 35 Financing and Keeping a Car
  • 36 Financing and Keeping a House
  • 37 How to Get Rid of Debt
  • Core Four Ending Reccomend Art of a Side Hustle
  • 38 THANK YOU

Taught by

BrainyMoney And Son Han, CFA,CPA

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