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The Ultimate Color Grading Crash Course in DaVinci Resolve

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Hi lovely creative people, in this class you will learn the perfect techniques for an effective yet simple color correction for beginners go you can start grading right away.

Let's start with the famous question what is color correction and what is color grading?

Color correction is all the adjustments that you apply to the entire image, while color grading is the creative look that you give to the footage.

With that being said color correction is absolutely mandatory and necessary, it is the foundation of color grading process if you skip it you are done, and it comes before the creative look because it represents 70% of the coloring process while color grading is that 30%. So start with the basic adjustments then add the creative look.

If you are a colorist and you just starting if all you know is color correction you can rest a sure that you will be doing perfect. Because here is the thing when colorists work on Hollywood movies all the colors that you see there are all done in the filming process with the lights setup so by color correcting that film the Hollywood colorists just accentuate those lights plus building a creative look that helps the story’s message.

Reality shows, TV shows, Cooking shows, Sport games, News, Interviews, Weddings all this is color correction there is no color grading in there guys.

Color grading is mostly used on music videos, Hollywood movies and commercials so unless you are working with the biggest color grading studio in the world all you need is color correction and some Luts.

 So in this class we will cover:

  • Basic color correction techniques;
  • Reading the scopes;
  • Working with Luts;
  • Basic and simple skin retouching.

Happy learning.


  • Color grading crash course intro
  • Download Course files
  • Local database
  • Project settings in Davinci Resolve
  • Color tab overview and how to read scopes
  • Building the nodes tree
  • Color corrrection
  • Creative looks
  • Working with Luts
  • One more grade
  • Export settings
  • Saving your personal Luts
  • Skin tan using the qualifier
  • Adjusting the skin tone manually using the curves instead of using the qualifier

Taught by

Adam Chraibi

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