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The Ultimate Piano Chords Course - for Piano & Keyboard

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The Ultimate Piano Chord Course will give you the skills to be able to play thousands of songs.

Most songs are written using chords, so if you understand how to use them properly, you'll be able to play a vast amount of songs by just reading simple chord symbols. You don't need to be able to read music notation in order to play great songs!

This course is for beginners on the Piano, and so starts with the basics, but quickly moves onto learning about the different kinds of chords and how they are constructed, gradually getting more and more advanced as you progress. You don't just learn about chords though. Along the way you will learn about different kinds of rhythms, playing patterns and techniques that can be applied to the chords. By the end you'll be able to play the Piano by reading a chord sheet, but sound like a pro!

I believe the best way to learn is by applying your new found knowledge, and so throughout the course you will learn famous songs or chord progressions on the Piano, relevant to the particular chord/rhythm or playing pattern you've just been learning. The course uses examples from songs by a wide variety of artists such as Adele, Sam Smith, The Commodores, Christina Perri, John Legend and Don McLean to name a few.

If you're a singer, by the end of this course you'll be able to pick up and play any piece of music or chord sheet and play Piano by following the chord symbols. All you need to do is sing along. I even show you how to print off any song of your choice online for free, as well as showing you how to change the key so it suites your vocal range.

The same goes with anyone wanting to accompany other singers on Piano, or people wanting to play Keyboard in a band. This course will give you the skills and understanding to be able to play along with other people.

If you're a songwriter, you'll find that your understanding of chords and playing techniques will be so much greater, and so you'll be able to use what you've learnt to write songs with much more variety and musicianship and freedom.

Even if you just want to enjoy playing the Piano/Keyboard for yourself at home, by the end you'll be able to play a selection of famous songs, and have the skills and ability to print off your own favourite songs and play them by just following the chord symbols.

Supporting PDF's

The course also includes PDF's of important chord building info and playing techniques that you can print off and set on your keyboard, which will make it easy to refer to when you start choosing and learning your own favourite songs.


  • The Ultimate Piano Chords Course Intro
  • The White Keys
  • White Key Note Learning Exercise
  • Black Notes Explained Sharps and Flats Tones and Semitones
  • Black Keys Note Learning Exercise
  • Intervals Skillshare
  • Minor 3rd Major 3rd Interval Exercise
  • Using Intervals To Construct Chords
  • Chord Building Exercise
  • Learning Through applying your knowledge
  • Let's Apply This and Play A Song Someone Like You
  • Basic Rhythm 4 Beats Per Bar
  • Adding The Left Hand Someone Like You
  • Quick Chord Test 1
  • Half Beat Rhythms
  • Half Beat Rhythms Stand By Me Skillshare
  • Chord Inversions Explained
  • Let's Put This Into Practise Let It Be
  • How To Use the Sustain Pedal
  • Sus Chords
  • A Song With A Sus Chord You Raise Me Up
  • A Sus with no number
  • Add Chords
  • Finger Strength Technique Exercise Chords Course
  • A Common High Energy Rhythm
  • High Energy Rhythm Applied To All Of Me John Legend
  • A Song With Inverted Chords and Sus Chords The Scientist
  • The Kick Drum Rhythm
  • Left Hand Kick Drum Rhythm Applied to Dont Stop Believing
  • Off Beat Rhythms
  • Off Beat Rhythms Applied to I'm Yours
  • Groups of 3 and 6 Rythm Patterns Waltz Time
  • Waltz Time Applied to Hallelujah
  • Figuring Out Beats per Bar by Ear Skillshare
  • 7 and Dominant 7 Chords
  • The E7 Chord in Hallelujah
  • Minor 7 Chords
  • Slash Chords AKA Over Chords
  • Putting 7 Chords Into Practise Easy
  • Diminished & Diminished 7 Chords
  • Half Diminished 7 Chords
  • Augmented and Augmented 7th Chords
  • Pushed Beats
  • Stay With Me A Song With a Diminished Chord and a Pushed Beat
  • Following Chords Signs Using Sheet Music
  • Split Chord Rock Pattern
  • Split Chord Rocking Pattern Applied to My Way (Part 1)
  • Split Chord Rocking Pattern My Way Part 2
  • Broken Chord Patterns 3 or 6 Beats Per Bar
  • Broken Chord Patterns 3 or 6 Beats Per Bar Applied to Hallelujah
  • Alternate 3 or 6 Beats Per Bar Broken Chord Pattern Fallin Alicia Keys
  • Broken Chord Patterns 4 Beats Per Bar Someone Like You
  • 9th Chords
  • 11th Chords
  • Rock Rhythm Pattern (This Is Me - The Greatest Showman)
  • Rock Rhythm Pattern Alternate Hands
  • Arpeggiated Chord Patterns - Waltz Time - 6 Beats Per Bar
  • Arpeggiatted Chord Pattern Applied to Unchained Melody and Trusting Your Instincts
  • Left Hand Octaves
  • 1st 5th and 8ve Pattern - Left Hand - Jar of Hearts
  • Left Hand 1st 5th and 8ve Pattern in 3 or 6 Time
  • Left and Right Hand Pro Sounding Broken Chord Pattern
  • Pro Sounding Broken Chord Pattern Applied to All of Me Skillshare
  • Pro Sounding Broken Chord Pattern All Of Me Tempo Practise
  • Find Your Favourite Songs Online For Free
  • How to Transpose a Song to Your Own Voice
  • Using the Words and Your Knowledge of the Song - American Pie
  • Chord Course Ending

Taught by

Arthur Bird

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