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YouTube Analytics and SEO: Masterclass On Tagging & Ranking Keywords

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YouTube Analytics and SEO: How to Rank YouTube videos with Keywords Properly

In this course I will explain YouTube SEO and Video SEO in order to get your videos seen on both YouTube and google.

How do I grow a channel from 0 views and 0 subscribers without experience? Well guess what? YouTube SEO is one of the core foundations of how YOU can substantially increase not only your views on your videos but also BUILD your personal brand/company/online presence

When it comes to YouTube - it’s always changing but these are the KEY SECRETS on how you RANK on YouTube nowadays - why do I know this?

As a content creator for other brands and myself YouTube SEO has been my strength from years of testing and experimenting; I have been able to condense all those skills and knowledge FOR YOUR benefit so that you don't have to go through the hurdles of testing and trying to figure things out on YouTube.

In this course you will learn all the things I WISH I KNEW when I first started out on YouTube without the years of experience through trial and error.

I will show you my own analytics as a reference  - and how you can grow your traffic on YouTube organically. 

I haven’t told ANYONE this and this is my gift to you; sharing all the SEO Secrets I know so that YOU can succeed above the noise on YouTube.

I will make SURE you will learn: 

  1. What is YouTUBE SEO and Why does it Matter? 
  2. Why YOU need to know the difference in SEO Strategies?
  3. What are the PRACTICAL strategies to properly tag every single one of your YouTube videos?
  4. What does YouTube look for?
  5. How these YouTUBE SEO strategies will help YOUR brand?

Most YouTube SEO Courses are outdated (and unnecessarily long..) as YouTube themselves are CONSTANTLY CHANGING their algorithms but with my knowledge and secrets - these tips and tactics will assist you in STANDING OUT so that YOU can apply them and grow your OWN brand/business/channel. 

p.s. I will make sure you have the knowledge and tools at your hands so that you can learn YouTube SEO  and be way ahead of the crowded YouTube market through my own failures and success so that YOU can succeed in creating your brand.


  • Why you should take this YouTube SEO Course?
  • Overview of YouTube 101
  • Everything You NEED To Know about the YouTube Basics
  • Introduction to YouTube SEO: A Paradigm Shift
  • Analyzing YouTube SEO at the MACRO Level
  • Two IMPORTANT Types of Content You Need to Know!
  • The SECRET TOOLS (No YouTuber Will EVER Tell You..)
  • Why YOU Need to Worry About Tags and Titles?
  • THIS Will Change The Way You Make Content!
  • Tag - You're It! Every thing You Must Know about the YouTube Algorithm
  • LIVE: How to Actually Implement YouTube SEO (With COMMENTARY)
  • YouTube is ALWAYS Changing - Stay Updated!
  • Summary
  • Key Points to Take Away
  • My Final Words for YOUR Success on YouTube

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