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Tomsk State University

Presentation skills: Speechwriting and Storytelling

Tomsk State University via Coursera

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“99% presentations suck!”, — said Apple former evangelist Guy Kawasaki in 2005. Up to now the situation hasn’t improved yet. Why?
Most public speaking courses focus on “how” instead of “what & why”. How to stand, walk and talk during delivery with little attention paid to “what” — the quality of storytelling itself. Thereby a usual result is a looking slightly confident speaker with mesmerizing voice delivering an obscure mess of facts, figures and claims.

In this course we take a more systematic approach, focusing on the content. How to structure your ideas, facts and data into a logical convincing story using a narrative structure. This course covers fundamentals of scriptwriting, packing, argumentation and language.

This course is not about how to fabricate a catching tale, but rather how to structure your ideas, facts and data into an interesting story you are going to tell during your presentation.


  • Part 1: Setting the goals
    • This week is about setting proper goals for a presentation. Most people don’t set any proper goals when preparing for a presentation. That’s an error we are going to fix this week.
  • Part 2: Sustaining interest
    • This week is about the storytelling and how to apply it to your presentation content. What a story is in a nutshell. Why stories are the best form of conveying information. How to create a conflict. How to sustain interest of the audience during your middle part of the presentation.
  • Part 3: Providing evidence
    • This week is about evidence. If you have no evidence supporting your Problem and Solution — that means you have nothing to talk about. We are going to talk about stories as arguments and how to make engaging arguments using statistics (numbers are not boring!) and logical reasoning. Using a proper valid evidence gives you confidence and makes your script convincing.
  • Part 4: The middle
    • This week is about organizing the middle part of your presentation. Too often it becomes too complex, too long, too unstructured. So we are going to talk about appropriate number of sub-parts in your middle part , ways of organizing your data using LATCH method, using metaphors and analogies to make your messages vivid and easy to grasp for the audience.
  • Part 4: The middle: Lesson Choices
  • Part 5: The language of the presentation
    • This week is about language you speak or write slides with. Concrete vs abstract words. Common everyday words vs jargon. Active voice vs passive voice. Short sentences vs long sentences. One mistake often made — to speak as you write. Such approach leads to vague, long and unclear messages. We are going to fix this.
  • Part 6: The beginning and the end
    • This week has two topics: 1. how to start your presentation (Introduction part), how to gain trust and remove confusion in the beginning and 2. A detailed summary of all the things we mentioned in the previous weeks.

Taught by

Alexei Kapterev


4.7 rating, based on 389 reviews

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  • Saul Benglemann
    Enjoyed the introductory sections very much. I am new to Coursera. Having just retired, I was looking for courses to do. After going through the list of course offerings, I enrolled on two course, one on international migration and the other on Python...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    While I learned from this course, it was at times a very frustrating experience. The course is presented in English, but often not properly written English. If non-native speakers are to improve skills, how can they do it when they're reading poor examples...
  • This course is to develop all of presentation and communication skills. Foe me, personally, it is worth attending and dedicating all potential time to be utilized. It is important and necessary in all workplace and academia. large slice of people still...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    Hello readers. If you are looking for a review of this course, you don't have to read many reviews. Because, you can simply take the course without any doubt. The tutor/teacher is simply awesome. The course content is so great and I just love it. Every thing is explained using examples and case studies. But, I will also say, you'll have to do a lot of work and put a lot of effort to finish this course successfully. Because, this course is intended to bring change in your presentation skills. Unless you don't wish give your best, please don't take this course. I am sure, this course will help you improve your presentation skills if you are actively participating in the course.

    Hope it helps :)
  • Anonymous
    I think you have to be focused to get new skills you want. And if take out some time for this course daily from your busy schedule, you will be able to complete the course very fast and will acquire new skill set.
  • Anonymous
    This course is helpful and I have learned more of what I have been lacking. I have not been taking presentation very seriously when I in school, all I think about was, it because of my grades I put more time time to it. After that, I am done. I have gotten the values of Presentation.
  • Anonymous
    REally on point, entertaining at the same time as instructional. Key learnings are repeated in a way that you remember, and the teacher knows what he's talking about. The examples show great cases to understand the relevant content, and it makes it super dynamic to learn and follow!
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    I really enjoy the videos. They are easy to understand but also really helpful.
    The tasks are rather difficult, but how else can you learn?..
  • Anonymous
    Video formats are quite well planned and well formulated. The video lengths are just the right size to keep the target audience engaged throughout the whole curriculum. The speaker speaks quite eloquently and the information transfer is quite clear and motivating.
  • Anonymous
    The course is quite good and beneficial as well. Definitely gonna help me in my further presentations. There were some points where it confused me in the middle of the lesson but by the ends things were clear. I like the course. The audio quality is good and clear.
  • Anonymous
    Its a great platform to lean about different subjects relating to life. I am continuo my course as Presentation skills. the videos are very helpfull, and teacher also clear the point by giving suitable examples. If you have to enhance your skills so join this
  • Anonymous
    The concept is great, the presentation is direct. The hand gestures are slightly distracting. I enjoy the bullet points because they detail the important lessons from the course. I find myself engaged with the examples and key concepts.
  • Anonymous
    I think it comes from real-life experience and is worth trying. It helped me a lot as a student who are looking forward to delivering better presentation and prepare me for my future carrer
  • Anonymous
    This is the perfect course for newbies who want to produce Presentation Skills in themselves. The simplest language is used in this course in order to get familiar with it.
  • Anonymous
    I have found this course really useful and relevant. It is well organized with real life example. I would suggest few of my friends to do this course
  • Anonymous
    The video is clear and informative and relevant to the topic
    Speaker is skillful and delivers the messages easily and clearly
  • Anonymous
    This course, in my personal opinion has a great potential and is necessary for people from all classes (student, teacher etc)
  • Anonymous
    Solid information. From now on, I will start with a goal and a purpose and Focus my presentation on motivating the audience.
  • Anonymous
    A good start. Main points are perfectly explained. Don't know what to expect further in course but so it is good.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    For anyone who struggle with the process of presentation, this course can be a medium to enhance or to develop their presenting skills. The course is structured in a way which is most conducing for skill development and learning the dos and don'ts of presenting. The instructor's way of teaching is very engaging, clear and systematic. The readings provided are very informative and helps a great deal in making presentations better. The qualification tests are also of high quality which tests your knowledge about what you learn throughout the course.

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