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Indian Institute of Technology Bombay


Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and NPTEL via Swayam


This Course will cover the fundamentals of Antenna, Dipole Antennas, Monopole Antennas, Loop Antennas, Slot Antennas, Linear and Planar Arrays, Microstrip Antennas (MSA), MSA Arrays, Helical Antennas, Horn Antennas, Yagi-Uda & Log-Periodic Antennas, Reflector Antennas.
INTENDED AUDIENCE : All undergraduate and postgraduate students, PhD scholars, teachers, industryPREREQUISITES : Basic knowledge of Electromagnetic Waves.INDUSTRY SUPPORT : Telecom industry, defense industry and space organization.



Week 1:
Lecture 1:Antenna Introduction-ILecture 2:Antenna Introduction-IILecture 3:Antenna Introduction-IIILecture 4:Antenna Fundamentals-ILecture 5:Antenna Fundamentals-II
Week 2:
Lecture 1:Antenna Radiation Hazards-ILecture 2:Antenna Radiation Hazards-IILecture 3:Dipole Antennas-ILecture 4:Dipole Antennas-IILecture 5:Dipole Antennas-III
Week 3:
Lecture 1:Monopole Antennas-ILecture 2:Monopole Antennas-IILecture 3:Loop AntennasLecture 4:Slot Antennas
Week 4:
Lecture 1:Linear Arrays-ILecture 2:Linear Arrays-IILecture 3:Linear Arrays-IIILecture 4:Planar Arrays

Week 5:
Lecture 1:Microstrip Antennas(MSA)Lecture 2:Rectangular MSALecture 3:MSA Parametric Analysis-ILecture 4:MSA Parametric Analysis-IILecture 5:Circular MSA

Week 6:
Lecture 1:Broadband MSA-ILecture 2:Broadband MSA-IILecture 3:Broadband MSA-IIILecture 4:Broadband MSA-IVLecture 5:Broadband MSA-V

Week 7:
Lecture 1:Compact MSA-ILecture 2:Compact MSA-IILecture 3:Compact MSA-IIILecture 4:Tunable MSA-ILecture 5:Tunable MSA-II

Week 8:
Lecture 1:Circularly Polarized MSA-ILecture 2:Circularly Polarized MSA-IILecture 3:Circularly Polarized MSA-IIILecture 4:MSA Arrays-ILecture 5:MSA Arrays-IILecture 6:MSA Arrays-III

Week 9:
Lecture 1:Helical Antennas-ILecture 2:Helical Antennas-IILecture 3:Helical Antennas-IIILecture 4:Helical Antennas-IVLecture 5:Helical Antennas-V

Week 10:
Lecture 1:Horn Antennas-ILecture 2:Horn Antennas-IILecture 3:Horn Antennas-IIILecture 4:Horn Antennas-IVLecture 5:Horn Antennas-V
Week 11:
Lecture 1:Yagi-Uda and Log-Periodic Antennas-ILecture 2:Yagi-Uda and Log-Periodic Antennas-IILecture 3:Yagi-Uda and Log-Periodic Antennas-IIILecture 4:IE3D Session TA-ILecture 5:IE3D Session TA-IILecture 6:IE3D Session TA-III

Week 12:
Lecture 1:Reflector Antennas-ILecture 2:Reflector Antennas-IILecture 3:Reflector Antennas-IIILecture 4:Reflector Antennas-IVLecture 5:Lab Session

Teaching Assistants

Vinay B. Narayane completed his B.Tech. from the College of Engineering Pune (COEP) in 2010 followed by M.Tech. from IIT Bombay in 2012. After the masters, he worked with Cisco Systems India for a couple of years developing software for Cisco routers. In a pursuit of research and teaching, he started working as an Assistant Professor in the department of electronics and telecommunication at COEP in 2014. He is a Microsoft certified educator and has also been certified by the Indo-US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE). Moving to full-time research, he joined IIT Bombay as a Ph.D. Research Scholar in 2016 with a Visvesvaraya fellowship, awarded by the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeiTY). His current research is focussed on high-performance planar microwave components such as filters and couplers.


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