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Applied Fields of Psychology

English and Foreign Languages University and CEC via Swayam

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This course is designed to give students a broad overview of the field of Applied fields of psychology, emphasizing on significant concepts, theory, and research.The main objectives of the course:
  • Develops an understanding of the social psychological concepts like attitudes,attributions, prosocial behaviour and groups.
  • Helps students to learn how to promote good Health through changing attitudes and beliefs and provides insight on specific health problems like alcohol abuse, obesity and weight control and exercise.
  • Provides a historical perspective on abnormal behaviour, illustrates the classification of psychological disorders and theoretical perspectives to psychological disorders.
  • Enables students to deal with student variability, and understand the concepts of programmed instruction and classroom management.
  • Develop counselling and clinical skills to deal with life situations.



Week-01 Assignment
1. Nature and Scope of Social Psychology 2. Research Methods in Social Psychology 3. Attribution- Theories of Attribution and Basic Sources of Error 4. Attitudes-Nature, Components and Characteristics of Attitude, Formation of Attitudes, Influence of Attitudes on Behavior
Week-02 Assignment 1. Concept of Pro-social Behavior 2. Bystander Effect 3. Causes of Prosocial Behavior Part-01 4. Causes of Prosocial Behavior Part-02
Week-03 Assignment
1. Group Formation and Group Structure – Position/ Rank, Status, Roles and Norms 2. Significance of Health Psychology 3. Promoting Good Health - Changing Attitudes and Beliefs 4. Behavioral Technology- Cognitive – Behavioral Approaches and Specific Techniques
Week-04 Assignment
1. Attitude and Behavior Change Principles 2. Specific Health Problems – Alcohol Abuse, Obesity and Weight Control and Exercise 3. Historical Perspectives on Abnormal Behaviour -1 4. Historical Perspectives on Abnormal Behaviour -2
Week-05 Assignment
1. Historical Perspectives on Abnormal Behaviour -3 2. Classification of Psychological Disorders – DSM & ICD 3. Theoretical Perspectives to Psychological Disorders 4. Applying Psychology to Education
Week-06 Assignment
1. Understanding Student Characteristics -1 2. Understanding Student Characteristics -2 3. Dealing with Student Variability -1 4. Dealing with Student Variability -2
Week-07 Assignment
1. Specifying Learning Objectives 2. Providing Instruction 3. Programmed Instruction 4. Information Processing
Week-08 Assignment
1. Motivation in Education Psychology 2. Classroom Management – Techniques for Dealing with Behaviour Problems 3. Concept of counselling 4. Nature of Counselling
Week-09 Assignment
1. Areas of Counselling 2. Marriage Counselling 3. Family Counselling 4. Group Counselling
Week-10 Assignment
1. Techniques of Group Counselling 2. Grief Counselling 3. Clinical Interview 4. Dealing Patients with chronic illnesses
Week-11 Assignment
1. Pre and Post Surgery Counselling 2. Enhancing Positive Psychology and Mental Health 3. Personnel Selection and Placement 4. Conflict Management - Facilitation and Negotiation Skills
Week-12 Assignment
1. Work Place Counselling 2. Community Psychology - (Concept & Theories) 3. Role of Community Psychologists in Social Change 4. Use of Small Groups in Social Action
Week-13 Assignment
1. Community Consciousness and Action for Handling Social Problems 2. Group Decision making and Leadership for Social Change 3. Environment and Behaviour 4. Psychological Approaches to Environment
Week-14 Assignment
1. Ecology and Development 2. Demography - Population Psychology, 3. Environmental Assessment - Effects of Noise, Pollution and Crowding 4. Environmental wisdom: Impact of Rapid Scientific and Technological Growth on Degradation of Environment

Taught by

Dr. P. Swathi



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