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Basics of Digital Marketing

Devi Ahilya Viswavidyalaya, Indore and CEC via Swayam

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'Basics of Digital Marketing' course is developed by subject expert Dr. Subin Sudhir - Associate Professor (Marketing), Indian Institute of Management, Indore.Watch engagingand informative Videos, Enrich knowledge with extended Reading Resource,Take Self Assessments and Graded Assessments.The course familiarize students with an understanding of how the digital media works and develop the critical insights necessary to succeed in e-commerce and digital and social media marketing. Enrich learner with the essential principles and practices of marketing in the digital economy by making this course, an indispensable part of their knowledge base. Companies that were non-existent a few short years ago, including Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, and Youtube, have dramatically changed how we interact, communicate and get from point A to B. Even Amazon and Google are relatively “young” by any measure.This course is also to serve as basic course for learners who wish to further study in the domain of Digital Media. This course is designed in such a manner that it can be opted by students of any stream under Generic Electives of CBCS.


Learning Objectives

In the Week 1, Learner will be able to:

• Identify impact of digital space and digital marketing in reaching out to customers.

• Find out the opportunities for marketers on digital platform.

• Use digital media for the creation of products and services.

• Differentiate factors that influence the consumer

• How and What are the different elements that make the consumer so unique?

Lecture Topics

W1_L1 Introduction to Marketing

W1_L2 Consumer Behavior

W1_L3 Introduction to Digital Marketing


Learning Objectives

In the Week 2, Learner will be able to:

• Identify the importance of Search Engines.

• Relate Search Engines in digital marketing ecosystem.

• Outline the methods to do keyword research.

• Differentiate On-Page and Off-Page Optimization.

• Use the Google Keyword Planner.

Lecture Topics

W2_L1 Search Engine Optimization 1

W2_L2 Search Engine Optimization 2

W2_L3 Search Engine Optimization 3


Learning Objectives

In the Week 3, Learner will be able to:

• Explain the working of Search Engines.

• Use Search Engine Marketing for advertisements.

• Outline Search Engine Marketing strategy.

• Illustrate Search Engine Marketing Operation and Auction model.

• Identify the factors influencing Search Engine Marketing.

• Categorize the factors influencing Search Engine Marketing.

• Create a Search Engine Marketing Campaign.

Lecture Topics

W3_L1 Search_Engine_Marketing : Part 1

W3_L2 Search_Engine_Marketing : Part 2

W3_L3 Display Advertising


Learning Objectives

In the Week 4, Learner will be able to:

• How Social Media Marketing is to be used by marketers?

• What kind of opportunities does it provide to marketers?

• Identify marketers’ use of listening, talking, energizing & supporting.

• How to manage digital assets on Social Media Platforms?

• Identify the spread of Word of Mouth through social media.

• Use of Social Media Platform like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & LinkedIn for Marketing.

Lecture Topics

W4_L1 Social Media Marketing

W4_L2 Social Media Marketing (Word of Mouth)

W4_L3 Social Media Platforms Part 1

W4_L4 Social Media Platforms Part 2


Learning Objectives

In the Week 5, Learner will be able to:

• Tell about the reputation of brands on social media.

• Explain about increasing Positive Word of Mouth & decreasing negative Word of Mouth.

• Identify and resolve crisis situation in online space.

• How marketers use the mobile space?

• Differentiate IVR, SMS, Location Data, QR Code & Missed Call.

• Managing mobile sites and role of mobile apps.

• Understand planning and setup of a Website.

Lecture Topics

W5_L1 Online Reputation Management

W5_L2 Mobile Marketing Part 1

W5_L3 Mobile Marketing Part 2

W5_L4 Website Planning & Creation


Learning Objectives

In the Week 6, Learner will be able to:

• Define email Marketing.

• Outline email Marketing and strategy to craft email marketing campaign.

• Creating email data base and CRM Activities.

• Define eCommerce and Retailing in Online Space.

• Illustrate advantages of eCommerce Platforms.

• Differentiate Show-rooming and Web-rooming.

Lecture Topics

W6_L1 Email Marketing Part 1

W6_L2 Email Marketing Part 2

W6_L3 Introduction to E Commerce Part 1

W6_L4 Introduction to E Commerce Part 2


Learning Objectives

In the Week 7, Learner will be able to:

• Define eCommerce Business Process, Business Models

• Interpret eCommerce Shopping Cart Software & Other Factors of eCommerce based business.

• Identify role of aggregators in eCommerce business.

• Illustrate the Importance of content in digital space.

• Recall techniques of Content Marketing, Content types and strategies.

• List the Core brand principle for Content creation, Content Pillar and A/B Testing of Content.

• Using Influencers to create and promote content

Lecture Topics

W7_L1 E-COMMERCE Strategy 1

W7_L2 E-COMMERCE Strategy 2

W7_L3 Content Marketing

W7_L4 Content Creation Process

W7_L5 Influencer Marketing


Learning Objectives

In the Week 8, Learner will be able to:

• Illustrate steps of Integrated Marketing Communication.

• Define Digital Marketing Strategy.

• List the Decision Making process of customer.

• Identifying and creating a strategy for Digital Market place.

• Define 6M Framework and SMART Strategy.

Lecture Topics

W8_L1 Digital Marketing Strategy Part 1

W8_L2 Digital Marketing Strategy Part 2a

W8_L3 Digital Marketing Strategy Part 2b

W8_L4 Digital Marketing Strategy Part 3a

W8_L5 Digital Marketing Strategy Part 3b


Learning Objectives

In the Week 9, Learner will be able to:

• Relate the Importance of Analytics in digital space.

• Differentiate elements and sources to capture data in online space.

• Define types of tracking mechanism.

• Experiment with Account Structure of Google Analytics.

• Explain Conversion Tracker & Digital Engagement Funnel.

Lecture Topics

W9_L1 Digital Analytics & Measurement Part - 1a

W9_L2 Digital Analytics & Measurement Part - 1b

W9_L3 Digital Analytics & Measurement Part - 2a

W9_L4 Digital Analytics & Measurement Part - 2b


Learning Objectives

In the Week 10, Learner will be able to:

• Define Key Performance Indicators (KPI) related to AdWords and Display Networks.

• Outline the Applications of Sentiment Mining and Textual Analysis.

• Evaluate the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns in the digital space

• Define return on investment.

• Analyze different groups of customers.

• Relate Customer portfolio management on digital and social media marketing.

• Explain Customer using multiple channels, attribution models.

Lecture Topics

W10_L1 Digital Analytics & Measurement Part - 3a

W10_L2 Digital Analytics & Measurement Part - 3b

W10_L3 Measuring Campaign Effectiveness : ROI - Return on Investment

W10_L4 Measuring Campaign Effectiveness : CLV - Customer Lifetime Value

W10_L5 Attribution Models


Learning Objectives

In the Week 11, Learner will be able to:

• Define Strategy Planning.

• Prepare Digital Marketing Plan.

• Solve Case 1 is about use of Email Marketing

• Solve Case 2 represents use of Digital Space for Marketing Golf Tripz Compnay,

• Solve Case 3 is about using social media promotion and other digital channels for Golkonda Hotels.

• Solve Case 4 is about Promotional Campaign of Chennai based Photography Service.

Lecture Topics

W11_L1 Digital Marketing Plan

W11_L2 Case Study 1 : Email Marketing

W11_L3 Case study 2 : Golf Tripz

W11_L4 Case Study 3 : Golkonda Hotels

W11_L5 Case Study 4 : Bhalaje Photography


Learning Objectives

At the end of Week 12, Learner will be able to:

• List the Contemporary technologies and application in Digital Space.

• Appraise concepts and technologies discussed in the Digital Marketing Course

Lecture Topics

W12_L1 New Technologies & Advancement in Digital Marketing Part 1

W12_L2 New Technologies & Advancement in Digital Marketing Part 2

W12_L3 Review of Digital Marketing Course Part 1

W12_L4 Review of Digital Marketing Course Part 2


Taught by

Dr. Lalit Engle


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  • Anonymous
    This course on The Basics of Digital Marketing was so wonderfully designed and equally wonderfully explained by Dr Subin that it can leave a lasting impression on every learner.

    The finesse with which Dr Subin explained each topic helped students to gain better insight on the subject.

    I thank on behalf of my students Dr Subin and ofcourse the Swayam for providing such a wonderful learning platform.

    I recommend this course for all.

    Prof Virendra Girdhardas Disawal
    Corporate Relations Manager
    Central Institute of Business Management Research and Development Nagpur Maharashtra
    [contact details detracted]

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