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Biochemistry - IITM

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The immense diversity of life is, surprisingly, formed using fewer than ten elements! Biochemistry is the study of how the complex molecules of life are assembled using these few elements and disassembled back; how these two processes are interconnected in a complex network and regulated; and how sun’s energy drives all these molecular dances that we call life. The proposed biochemistry course aims to provide a thorough grounding on the fundamental concepts of biochemistry, and enables the student learn more advanced topics of biology such as structural biology, biotechnology, genomics and proteomics.
Life sciences undergraduate students
PREREQUISITES: Introductory-level organic chemistry and biology



Week 1:Introduction to biomolecules; stereochemistryWeek 2:Water; Acids and bases; pH; Buffer; ProteinsWeek 3:EnzymesWeek 4:Enzyme inhibitors; Carbohydrates
Week 5:Lipids; Introduction to metabolism; BioenergeticsWeek 6:Biological oxidation-reduction reactions; GlycolysisWeek 7:Citric acid cycle; oxidative phosphorylation; ATP synthesisWeek 8:Photosynthesis
Week 9:Nitrogen fixation and amino acid biosynthesis; Catabolism of amino acidsWeek 10:Catabolism of lipidsWeek 11:Lipid biosynthesisWeek 12:Hormonal regulation and integration of metabolism

Taught by

Prof. Subramaniam K

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