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Biodiversity and Ecological Resources

CEC and Govt. Degree College, Eidgah, Srinagar via Swayam

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The course “Biodiversity and Ecological resources” would serve a 04 credit Core Course in B.Sc. Environmental Science, under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) of UGC. The course would also be useful as one of the compulsory subject for all students of the undergraduate streams, e.g. arts, science, commerce and other biomedical sciences. The environmental studies course gives an overview towards understanding of basic environment and ecological services. The conservation and management of natural resources besides use and over exploitation is also detailed in the course. The decline in Earth's biological diversity has far more deep implications than other environmental dilemmas, sometimes more commonly acknowledged that will be documented her. The ex- situ and in-situ approaches for protection of earth’s biodiversity are the main conservative tools for protection of earth’s biodiversity and will be established in the course. The enormous variety of natural resources on this planet provides everything for survival of all forms of life including man. Forests and wildlife are essential for ecological balance of an area. The energy is critical directly or indirectly in the entire process of evolution growth and survival of all forms of life. Energy security is therefore important for economic growth and alleviation of poverty and unemployment. The programme will give us detailed information about the concept and strategies of sustainable development for the management of all biological resources including the ecological footprint and carbon sequestration for sustainable development.


WEEK 1 Concept of an ecosystem Structure and function of an ecosystem Definition: Genetic, Species and Ecosystem diversity Producers, Consumers and decomposers   WEEK 2 Energy Flow in the ecosystem Food Chains, Food webs Ecological Pyramids Ecological Succession   WEEK 3 Endangered and endemic species of India Concept of exotic species Forest ecosystem Desert Ecosystem   WEEK 4 Grasses & Grasslands – I Grasses & Grasslands – II Grasses & Grasslands -III Aquatic ecosystems (ponds, streams, lakes, rivers, oceans, estuaries)   WEEK 5 Value of biodiversity: Consumptive use, productive use, social, ethical and aesthetic and option values Threats to biodiversity: Habitat loss, poaching of wildlife, man-life conflicts Hotspots of biodiversity – I Hotspots of biodiversity – II   WEEK 6 In-situ Conservation of biodiversity Ex-situ Conservation of biodiversity Biogeographical classification of India India as a mega diversity nation   WEEK 7 Biodiversity at Global, national and local level Land Resources Forest Resources: Use and over exploitation, deforestation Mineral Resources: Use and exploitation, environmental effects. Cases   WEEK 8 Use and over-utilization of surface and ground water Floods, drought, conflicts over water resources Food Resources: World food problems, changes caused by agriculture and overgrazing, effects of modern agriculture, fertilizer-pesticide problems, water logging, salinity, case studies Sources of Energy   WEEK 9 Energy Resources: Non-Renewable energy sources and use of alternative energy sources Urban problems related to energy Growing energy needs, Energy crisis and Renewable energy sources Concept of water harvesting and water shed management   WEEK 10 Concept of Ecological footprint Carbon sequestration Biological diversity act (2002) National Green Tribunal Act (2010)   WEEK 11 Monitoring and management of biodiversity Management of mineral resources Management of fresh water resources Management of forest resources   WEEK 12 Microbial diversity in soil Functions of microorganisms in environment Microorganisms and Human health Management of microbial resources  

Taught by

Dr. Javid A. Parray



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