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Biology XI Part-I

NCERT via Swayam


Biology is the science of life forms and living processes. The living world comprises a wide diversity of organisms. The observation of the diverse forms of life on earth was made initially through the naked eyes and later by using instruments such as magnifying lenses and microscopes. The organisms were described on the basis of observed structural features, both external and internal. The detailed description of life forms on the basis of appearance external and internal features brought out their concept of diversity. It is the cell theory that emphasised the unity underlying this diversity of forms, i.e., the cellular organisation of all life forms. Cell theory also created a sense of mystery around living phenomena, i.e., physiological and behavioural processes. This mystery was the requirement of integrity of cellular organisation for living phenomena to be demonstrated or observed.The course will deal with “Diversity in the Living world”, “Structural Organization in Plants and Animals” and “Cell Structure and Function” from class XI Biology.


Chapter No.

Module No.

Module Name

Chapter 1

Module 1

The Living World – Part 1

Module 2

The Living World – Part 2

Chapter 2

Module 3

Biological Classification – Part 1

Module 4

Biological Classification – Part 2

Chapter 3

Module 5

Kingdom Plantae (Introduction) –Thallophyta

Module 6

Kingdom Plantae – Bryophyte & Pteridophyte

Module 7

Kingdom Plantae – Seed Plants (Gymnospermsand Angiosperms)

Chapter 4

Module 8

Biodiversity and Classification of Animal Kingdom – Part 1

Module 9

Animal Kingdom – Part 2

Module 10

Animal Kingdom – Part 3

Chapter 5

Module 11

Introduction To Plant Morphology, Morphological Study of Plant Rootsand Stem

Module 12

Introduction to Plant Morphology, Morphological Study of Leaf

Module 13

Morphology – Inflorescence And Flower

Module 14

Morphology – Seed, Fruit, Floral Diagram & Floral Formula

Chapter 6

Module 15

Anatomy of Flowering Plants

Module 16

Tissue Systems and Anatomy of Organs

Module 17

Secondary Growth

Chapter 7

Module 18

Tissue system in Animals

Module 19

Structural Organization in Animals

Module 20

Structural Organization in Frog

Chapter 8

Module 21

Cell: The Unit of Life – Part 1

Module 22

Cell: The Unit of Life – Part 2

Module 23

Cell: The Unit of Life – Part 3

Module 24

Cell: The Unit of Life – Part 4

Chapter 9

Module 25

Biomolecule – Part 1

Module 26

Biomolecule – Part 2

Module 27

Biomolecule – Part 3

Chapter 10

Module 28

Interphase – Part 1

Module 29

Interphase – Part 2

Module 30

Meiosis-Part 3

Module 31

Meiosis - Part 4

Final Assessment

Taught by

Dr. Sunita Farkya


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