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Carbon Materials and Manufacturing

Indian Institute of Technology Mandi and NPTEL via Swayam


This course is focused on the preparation and structure-property relationship of various carbon materials for the purpose of device manufacturing. The contents are designed in a such a way that each type of carbon is taught in a “material-manufacturing pair”. Topics pertaining to the properties of various carbon allotropes, crystallinity and hybridization, raw materials, carbon fibers and composites, carbon nanomaterials and bulk industrial carbons will be covered. INTENDED AUDIENCE : Advanced B.Tech./ M.Tech. M.E./ Ph.D. from materials/ manufacturing/ energy sciencesPREREQUISITES : Material Science for Engineers -OR- Structure of Materials (any basic material science course with description of crystal systems taught at UG level)INDUSTRIES SUPPORT : This course is of high industrial relevance. All companies manufacturing carbon-fiber composites, as well as other carbon materials will benefit.


Week 1: Introduction to materials and manufacturing, mathematical representation of material properties, introduction to carbon, carbon on the Earth and in outer space, carbon in technology and economy, carbon isotopes, carbon atomic structure and hybridizationWeek 2: Diamond, graphite, carbyne and curved carbons, classification of carbon allotropes, conversion of one allotropic form into another, phase diagram of carbonWeek 3: Engineering carbons, graphite crystal structure, stacking faults and rhombohedral graphite, graphite ore processing, synthetic graphite production from needle cokeWeek 4: Kish graphite, polymer-derived graphite, Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite (HOPG), pyrolysis of gaseous hydrocarbons, kinetics of graphitization, polymer-derived carbon: coking and charring mechanismWeek 5: Microstructure of non-graphitizing carbon, glass-like carbon: introduction, properties and industrial manufacturing, pyrolysis of polymers and other solid hydrocarbons, microfabrication with glass-like carbonWeek 6: Photolithography, X-Ray and Nano-Imprint Lithography, conversion of microfabricated structure into carbon, activated carbon: introduction, properties and industrial manufacturingWeek 7: Carbon black: introduction, properties and industrial manufacturing, carbon fiber: introduction and properties, melt spinning of petroleum pitches, electrospinning and viscoelasticityWeek 8: Carbonization of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fibers, mechanical property testing methods for carbon fibers, defects in carbon fibers, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP), machining of CFRPsWeek 9: Carbon/ carbon, carbon/ metal and carbon/ concrete composites: Manufacture and Properties, graphene: introduction and crystal structure, graphene history and nomenclature, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) of grapheneWeek 10: Graphene CVD parameter optimization, defects in graphene, (n,m) notations, carbon nanotube: introduction and properties, vapor phase growth of carbon nanotubeWeek 11: Vapor deposited diamond, diamond-like carbon, X-Ray Diffraction analysis of carbon, Raman spectroscopy of carbon, Transmission Electron Microscopy of carbonWeek 12: Gas adsorption isotherms and surface area analysis of porous carbons, numerical problem solving, large-scale industrial applications of carbon materials, micro and nano-scale applications of carbon materials, rigid and flexible carbon devices, device characteristics and challenges, supply chain of industrial carbons, summary and overview

Taught by

Prof. Swati Sharma



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