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Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

Cell Biology: Cellular organization division and processes

Indian Institute of Science Bangalore and NPTEL via Swayam

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This course focuses on cell organization, and the molecules and intracellular processes crucial for life and inheritance. A particular emphasis is on DNA transactions such as chromosome organization, replication, chromosome segregation, etc. Some examples of key discoveries in the field of cell cycle regulation, chromatin organization, and the dynamic processes and molecular machines involved in cell division will be discussed in detail. Other topics include Nuclear organization, Mitosis and Meiosis and cell death. In addition, cellular diversity will be discussed including selected specialized eukaryotic cells and their functions, cancer cells-how controls go wrong, and stem cells. This course includes 2 modules of 10 lectures each. It is intended for graduate students mainly M.Sc. students (or 1st year Ph.D. students). Final year B.Sc. students may also find it useful. INTENDED AUDIENCE :Biology, Chemistry.PREREQUISITES : Basic Molecular Biology, Genetics and Biochemistry. Especially basic structure and function of biomolecules including enzymes.INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :None


Week 1:Lecture 1- Cell components and organization; macromolecules, membranes, organelles, and processes.
Lecture 2- DNA: The genetic material; Cell Cycle.
Lecture 3- Regulation of the Cell Cycle.Week 2:Lecture 4- S-phase: DNA Replication and its regulation. Repair and recombination.
Lecture 5- Checkpoints: DNA Damage and DNA Replication checkpoints.Week 3:Lecture 6- Chromosome reorganization during mitosis; The centrosome duplication cycle.
Lecture 7- The microtubule cytoskeleton; Spindle organization, assembly and dynamics.
Lecture 8- Molecular motors; Role of motor proteins in mitosis.Week 4:Lecture 9- Mitotic checkpoints; Chromosome segregation and cell division.
Lecture 10- Meiosis
Week 5:Lecture 11- Cell death, aging and senescence.
Lecture 12- Chromatin organization
Lecture 13- SMC proteins and chromosome organizationWeek 6:Lecture 14- The cohesin complex and its functions.
Lecture 15- Nuclear organization Week 7:Lecture 16- Cell diversity and properties of specialized cells.
Lecture 17- The Cancer Cell
Lecture 18- Stem cellsWeek 8:Lecture 19- Nerve cells
Lecture 20- The Plant Cell

Taught by

Prof. Shikha Laloraya



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  • Anonymous
    I am very satisfied and learnt may unknown depth concepts through this course , and the teaching was very understandable and assignments submition duration is also very satisfied , thank you
  • Anonymous
    Great content but sorry to say that there is lack of explanation.It seems that they have to only read the content within given time.
  • Anonymous
    Respected sir mam the course indeed was great opportunity for students to learn and gain knowledge but a bit suprised with exam pattern they were not every question covered from each topic for eg if there is a topic of apopotosis there were not a single question asked about it on exam nor they were much question from the assignment if it could have been better for setting a paper would be really be appreciated
  • Anonymous
    All the sessions in this course were useful for both the research and teaching purposes. The way of teaching method by the resource person was excellent. Each and every point in all the sessions were highly standard. Assignments in all the weeks were also highly standard. Thanks to the resource person (Cell Biology: Cellular organization, division and processes) and NPTEL organizing team.
  • Anonymous
    The whole course has been presented in an effective way with great depth. I have learnt a lot new things. It is very helpful for those who want to make carrier in cell and molecular biology. It can also benefit to those who want to clear national level exams in life science (NET etc). Im very satisfied. Thanks to coordination committee n all.
  • Overall, the course was fantastic. I could gain more knowledge on this topic. Cell Biology was difficult during my school days, but the professor made it easy for me to learn. The assignment submission dates were very lenient, also the time limit of the course was perfect. Thank you!
  • Anonymous
    The Course focuses on Cell Biology, its fundamentals and the research analysis of the same. The course was very helpful in understanding cellular components in a much deeper level. The assignments and lectures very really helpful in understanding concepts.
  • Anonymous
    This course was covered current and update information about cell processes and division with respect to teaching and research side. In few chapters explanation more required to understand complexity. Overall course is informative and useful.
  • Anonymous
    This course is one of the best course. I found my knowledge more, and able to enhance my knowledge at this particular topic. This course gives me wide era of cell and its all process and much more about living body. Thanku
  • Anonymous
    The course definitely accomplished the objectives for me. I express my gratitude to the course coordinator and the team. I look forward for similar exciting biology courses in future. Regards M. A. Bhat
  • Anonymous
    The course was very good and the nptel team did their's work properly . The video representaion and live interaction were impressive. Overall good to learning and improve our attachment towards a topic.
  • Anonymous
    The classes and weekly assignments were very helpful. Covered most of the topics provided in the syllabus. But the videos were too lengthy and too slow. Other than that this platform was really helpful to me.
  • Anonymous
    The course was good.I learnt new concepts but it could be more interesting. The transcripts should include diagrams along with descriptions so that it will be helpful during revision.
  • Anonymous
    The course was very useful and relevant to my post graduation. The videos were very clear and easy to grasp. The assignment was easy after watching the videos and reading transcripts.
  • Anonymous
    The course is good and very helpful. Everything from the videos to assignments is amazing and informative. It has helped me tremendously. I encourage everyone to take it.
  • Profile image for Devlina Das
    Devlina Das
    The course was really great and conceptual. The teachers really taught very well. My concepts got cleared and it also helped me in preparing for my masters entrances.
  • Anonymous
    Excellent study material with diagram. I have enjoyed the course .Thanks to NPTEL..IISc,Bangalore via Swayam and obviously Prof Shikha Laloraya and her team.
  • Anonymous
    Great platform to acquire knowledge specifically with interest .Mentors are so well educated and experienced and listening from them feels like so blessed .

  • Anonymous
    It is very useful and a informative course which enhances our knowledge in the field of cell biology, cellular organization and it's processes
  • Profile image for Aparajita Roy
    Aparajita Roy
    I am Extremely satisfied with the course. The presentations were quite easy to understand, full of information and student friendly. Thank you..

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