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Economic Botany: Plant Resource utilization

University of Kashmir and CEC via Swayam

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The course “Plant Resource Utilization” is a core course in B.Sc. Botany under the Choice Based Credit System (CBSE). The course is specially designed to supplement and enhance the understanding of students about different dimensions of plant identification as a resource for self-sustenance, their domestication, commercialization based on the need and induction of modification using modern techniques. Starting from basic concept of Plant resource identification, their domestication and commercialization and ultimately culminating with genetic manipulation for self dependence.



WEEK-1DAY-2 Evolution of Crops Quizzes/Assignments
WEEK-1DAY-3 Crop domestication and loss of Genetic Diversity Quizzes/Assignments
WEEK-1DAY-4 Wheat and its products Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-1DAY-5 Rice: Botany, cultivation and economic importance Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-2DAY-1 Rice fields Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-2DAY-2 Milling of Rice and its by-products Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-2DAY-3 Sugars– as information molecules Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-2DAY-4 Sugarcane: Botany, cultivation, and its economic importance Quizzes/Assignments


Genetically modified crops

Quizzes/AssignmentsWEEK-3DAY-1 Fats and oils Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-3DAY-2 Essential oils: General account, extraction methods, comparison with fatty oils and their uses. Quizzes/AssignmentsWEEK-3DAY-3 Eucalyptus essential oils Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-3DAY-4 Sandalwood essential oil Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-3DAY-5 Rosa essential oil Quizzes/AssignmentsWEEK-4DAY-1 Mustard: Botany, cultivation, and economic importance Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-4DAY-2 General description, classification, extraction, uses and health implications of linseed oil Quizzes/Assignments
WEEK-4DAY-3 Brief Account of Millets Quizzes/Assignments
WEEK-4DAY-4 Economic importance of fennel Quizzes/Assignments
WEEK-4DAY-5 Timber: general account with special reference to teak and pine Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-5DAY-1 Timber extraction–mining, dams, and their effects on forests, and tribal people: case studies Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-5DAY-2 Legumes: Structure and composition Quizzes/AssignmentsWEEK-5DAY-3 Processing of legumes Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-5DAY-4 Pigeon pea: Origin, morphology and uses. Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-5DAY-5 Chickpea: Origin, morphology and uses Quizzes/AssignmentsWEEK-6DAY-1 Starch: Commercial sources and productivity Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-6DAY-2 Potato: Botany, cultivation, and economic importance Quizzes/Assignments
WEEK-6DAY-3 Cinchona: Botany and uses Quizzes/Assignments
WEEK-6DAY-4 Soybean: General description, classification, extraction, uses, and heath implications Quizzes/Assignments
WEEK-6DAY-5 Economic importance of Clove and Black pepper Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-7DAY-1 Spices and Condiments: General account Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-7DAY-2 Spices -Classification, trade, flavors, processing, and quality Quizzes/AssignmentsWEEK-7DAY-3 Medicinal plants: General account Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-7DAY-4 Green gold of Kashmir Himalayas: Medicinal herbs Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-7DAY-5 Therapeutic and habit forming drug Cannabis Quizzes/AssignmentsWEEK-8DAY-1 Digitals: General Account Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-8DAY-2 Papaver: General Account Quizzes/Assignments
WEEK-8DAY-3 Tobacco: Morphology, processing, uses and health hazards Quizzes/Assignments
WEEK-8DAY-4 Cotton: Botany, cultivation, and economic importance Quizzes/Assignments
WEEK-8DAY-5 Jute: Cultivation and economic importance Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-9DAY-1 Coconut: Botany, cultivation, and economic importance Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-9DAY-2 Coir: Morphology, extraction and uses Quizzes/AssignmentsWEEK-9DAY-3 Coffee: Botany, cultivation, and processing Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-9DAY-4 Rubber: Botany, cultivation, processing, and uses Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-9DAY-5 Simple sugars Quizzes/AssignmentsWEEK-10DAY-1 Firewood and timber sources Quizzes/Assignments

WEEK-10DAY-2 DNA damage Quizzes/Assignments
WEEK-10DAY-3 Projected risks & benefits of genetically modified crops Quizzes/Assignments

Taught by

Prof. Irshad Ahmad Nawchoo



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