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Economic History of Indian from 1857-1974

CEC and St. Albert's College via Swayam

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The course envisages providing a broader perspective on the Indian economy from a historical point of view. The shifts that occurred from time to time in the structure of the Indian economy during the colonial phase and how the country had adjusted to such changes are discussed here. It helps to familiarize the terms like imperialism, colonialism, drain of wealth, land settlements like permanent settlements, zamindari system, economic nationalism etc. which created a mark on Indian economy and society.The legacy of colonialism had a deep influence in molding many economic decisions and structural arrangements since the attainment of freedom. The British rule marked a great impact on the primary, secondary, and even the tertiary sector of the country. The demographic profile along with the hardships caused by famines and their consequences on the economic structure is detailed here. So, this course helps to gain knowledge on the historical dimensions and their interlinkages on the socio-economic and political framework and how all these enabled the Indians to adapt to these structural changes.


Week 1
Historical Background of India in the Pre-Colonial Phase Advent of European Powers

Week 2
Expansion of the British Empire in India Expansion of company under major governor Generals

Week 3
Commercial and trade policies of the East India company The Economic Policies of the British and The Revolt Of 1857

Week 4
National Income of India under the Colonial rule Methods of estimating National Income during the British period and after Independence

Week 5
Population of India during the British Rule Occupational Structure of Colonial India Urbanization in The Colonial Period

Week 6
Agrarian trends in India during the Colonial period- An introduction Agricultural Techniques and Methods used in British India Agriculture production and productivity in the colonial rule

Week 7
Land Revenue Settlement of India during the British Rule Agrarian Credit in the Colonial Period Commercialization of Agriculture

Week 8
Plantation in India Famines in Colonial India
Week 9
Advent of Railways Railways on market integration and trade in colonial India

Week 10
Industrialization in India Characteristics of Indian Industries at the time of British rule

Week 11
Rise of Large-Scale Industries in Colonial India Small Scale Industries in British India

Week 12
Entrepreneurship in Colonial regime THE DEBATE ON DEINDUSTRIALISATION

Week 13
Drain of wealth Rise of economic nationalism External and internal trade

Week 14
Foreign Capital Monetary policy Fiscal Policy

Week 15
Role of state in the imperialistic structure Indian economy at the eve of independence

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