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Food Microbiology and Food Safety

CEC and Central University of Haryana via Swayam


Course Description Food microbiology is about the understanding of microorganisms that grow or multiply in or contaminate the food which we consume. Food microorganisms could be either beneficial or harmful. The key aspect of food microbiology is food safety which focuses on the disease-causing microorganism and their toxins which may contaminate the food. That is why it becomes essential to recognize the possible role of microorganisms to ensure public safety. The major learning objectives of this course will be to study: the scope of food microbiology and food safety; to obtain the knowledge about important genera of microorganisms associated with food and their characteristics; to learn various techniques for enumeration and control of microorganisms in food; to gain the essential knowledge and applications of various techniques (traditional to advance) for preserving food; to understand the role of different microorganisms in food spoilage, food fermentation, and foodborne diseases; to comprehend the microbiological quality control and foodborne illnesses investigation procedures for ensuring food safety and hygiene; to understand current national and international food safety rules and regulations; to know the requirements and components of food safety management system (FSMS) and use of microbiological risk assessment (MRA) tools for assessing microbiological risks in the food sector.Course Credit: 4Course HighlightsLearner will acquire the knowledge about: Scope of food microbiology and food safety Important genera associated with food Techniques for enumeration of microbes and methods (traditional to advanced) for preserving food Role of different microorganisms in food spoilage, food fermentation and foodborne diseases Microbiological quality control and foodborne illnesses investigation procedures for ensuring food safety & hygiene The food safety rules and regulations, Food Safety Management System (FSMS), and Microbiological Risk Assessment.


Introduction to Food Microbiology and Food SafetyMicroflora of FoodIntrinsic Factors Affecting Microbial Growth and Survival in Food
WEEK 02Extrinsic Factors Affecting Microbial Growth and Survival in FoodMicrobiological Examination of FoodAdvances in Isolation and Enumeration of Microorganisms in Food
WEEK 03Principles of Food Preservation and SignificancePreservation of Food by Physical Methods – Low and High TemperaturesPreservation of Food by Physical Methods – Radiations
WEEK 04Preservation of Food by Chemical MethodsBiopreservation of FoodAssignment-I
WEEK 05Modified Environment for Storage of FoodFermentative Microorganisms as Food and Value-Added ProductLactic Fermentation in Food
WEEK 06Yeast-Lactic Fermentation in FoodMold-Lactic Fermentation in FoodStarter Cultures for Food Fermentation
WEEK 07Fermented MilkFermented Milk ProductsFermented Juice, Vegetables and other Beverages
WEEK 08Fermented MeatFermented Fish ProductsAssignment-II
WEEK 09Introduction to Food SpoilageSpoilage of Fruits, Vegetables, and their ProductsSpoilage of Dairy Products
WEEK 10Spoilage of Canned FoodSpoilage of Bakery and Egg ProductsSpoilage of Meat, Fish, and Sea Food
WEEK 11Newer Methods for Controlling Spoilage of FoodPredictive Modelling for Food SpoilageAssignment-III
WEEK 12Foodborne Outbreaks- Bacterial Agents for Foodborne IllnessesFungal and Algal Agents for Foodborne IllnessesFoodborne Animal Parasites
WEEK 13Investigation of Foodborne Illnesses OutbreaksIndicators of Food Microbial Quality and SafetyPrinciples and Applications of Hurdle Technology in Food Industry
WEEK 14Principles of Hygiene and Sanitation in Food Service Establishment.Food Safety LawsFood Safety and Quality Management System
WEEK 15Principles and Guidelines for Conducting Microbiological Risk of FoodRevision of the courseFinal assessment/Term-end examination

Taught by

Dr. Tejpal Dhewa

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  • Anonymous
    Very well conducted course. Design of the course was well planned and justified the title of the course. The teachers explained all the concepts very well. Modules were well distributed to encompass the holistic concept of Food Microbiology and Food...
  • Anonymous
    Great, very informative course-Food Microbiology and Food Safety by Dr Tejpal Dhewa. Topics explained in a simple manner to understand.

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