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Food Safety and Quality Control

CEC and English and Foreign Languages University via Swayam


Satisfactory food supply has always been a central problem for governments since the formation ancient societies several thousand years ago. Although many of the same foods are still produced and consumed, dietary preferences have changed over the centuries due to the development of the economy and the science of nutrition. Today every consumer requires a safe and healthy food supply. The primary role of our food is to provide enough nutrients to fulfill metabolic requirements, while giving us a feeling of satisfaction and well being. In addition recent investigations confirmed the hypothesis recognized even in 500 B.C. by Hippocrates, that beyond nutrition, diet may modulate various functions of the body. Consequently adequate food consumption may promote the state of well being, better health and prevention of diseases. So it is understandable that interest in healthy food and food quality and its regulation is growing worldwide. When a product is offered for sale, the purchaser expects the product to be what it is purported to be: genuine and wholesome, and free from adulteration and contamination. Correct information about the composition and nutritive value of a food product is designed to protect the consumer from adulteration and falsification, and requires a well organized quality control infrastructure and food regulations.


COURSE LAYOUT Week 1 Assignments (No. & Type)*  
  1. Food supplementation, substitution, fortification and enrichment
  2. Importance of the costing of the Product
  3. Quality control and Internal control in Food Industry
  4. Sensory evaluation of food samples and container evolution
  Week 2 Assignments (No. & Type)*  
  1. Food Analysis
  2. Waste control and sanitation Government regulations for quality standards
  3. Food Standards
  4. Primary Sources of Microorganisms in Food
  Week 3 Assignments (No. & Type)*  
  1. Fundamentals of control of microorganisms in foods
  2. Food borne infections
  3. Transmission of food borne infections
  4. Microbes used in food biotechnology
  Week 4 Assignments (No. & Type)*  
  1. Importance of sanitation and hygiene in food
  2. Bacteriological analysis of food
  3. Bacteriological analysis of water and milk
  4. Morphological identification of molds and yeasts in foods
  Week 5 Assignments (No. & Type)*  
  1. Sampling to study the source of transmission of microorganisms in foods
  2. Laws governing food service establishments
  3. Laws concerning hygiene and safety
  4. Laws concerning hygiene and safety of quantity food production
  Week 6 Assignments (No. & Type)*  
  1. Determinants of Health
  2. Role of agricultural production in food availability and consumption
  3. Post harvest handling, Marketing and Distribution of Foods
  4. Food Adulteration
  Week 7 Assignments (No. & Type)*  
  1. Water pollution and its effects on food quality
  2. Industrial effluents and their impact on food quality, Pesticide residues in foods
  3. Food cost control in catering business
  4. Recording and Reporting control charts Production control
  Week 8 Assignments (No. & Type)*  
  1. Menu planning, purchasing and storage of food for quantity food production
  2. Hygiene, sanitation and safety of quantity food production

Taught by

Dr. V.Vijaya Lakshmi

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