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Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Introduction to Computer Vision

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and NPTEL via Swayam


This course will introduce the audience to the subject of computer vision. The camera model will be introduced and camera calibration and epipolar geometry concepts will be explained. Object and texture representation will be discussed, and effect of light and shading and colour will be introduced. Use of CNN in vision will be taught, especially for object detection/classification and depth estimation.
1. Basic calculus: Finding derivatives, maximize a function by finding where the derivative=0.
2. Linear algebra: Matrix transpose, inverse, and other operations to do algebra with matrix expressions. Transformation matrices to rotate/transform points, Singular Value Decomposition. 3. Basic probability and statistics: Understanding of conditional probability, mean, and variance.
4. Some programming skills: such as entry-level Matlab/python and the ability to work in the Linux environment
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Week 1: Introduction to computer vision, basics of linear algebra and geometry
Week 2: Edge Detection and RANSAC, Interest Points and Corners, Local Image Features (SIFT, FAST, HARRIS) and Feature Matching
Week 3: Introduction to CNN; CNN basics, Networks: VGGNet, InceptionNet, ResNet, 3D CNN, RNN, LSTM and GAN
Week 4: Object detection and classification: CNN based approaches – R-CNN to FASTER and Single shot detector architectures such as YOLO
Week 5: Texture representation
Week 6: Light and Shading
Week 7: Color
Week 8: Camera model and camera calibration
Week 9: Flow estimation: Traditional and CNN based, Flow based tracking
Week 10: Epipolar geometry and introduction to depth estimation; stereopsis
Week 11: Dense correspondence and depth propagation
Week 12: Overview of action recognition using (a) RNN (b) 3D CNN

Taught by

Prof. Brejesh Lall


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