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Mathematics XI Part-I

NCERT via Swayam


Mathematics is a human activity, a social phenomenon a set of methods used to help illuminate the world . It is said so because it makes a man systematic. It nurtures the power of reasoning, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving ability. Mathematics is a part of our life experience which we will talk about in this course. Mathematics is the foundation and vitalizing energy for the basic sciences. This course will not only help to understand new concepts but also develop a new insight to view mathematics as an effective and joyful learning. The course will deal with the concepts from class 11th mathematics like sets and certain functions, trigonometric functions, quadratic equations, principle of mathematical induction, complex numbers, linear inequalities and permutation and combination. The course chapters are divided into certain modules which have been organized into week wise schedule where learners can have access to highly multimedia enriched videos along e-text, reading material, references and online assessments.





Week 1

Set Notations- (Kemh_10101)

Subsets and Supersets- (Kemh_10102)

Week 2

Venn Diagram- (Kemh_10103)

Week 3

Algebra of Sets- (Kemh_10104)

Application of algebra on Sets- (Kemh_10105)

Assignment of Chapter 1

Week 4

Relation and Functions- (Kemh_10201)

Week 5

Domain and Range of Relations- (Kemh_10202)

Week 6

Domain, Range and Types of functions- (Kemh_10203)

Problems based on Relation and Functions- (Kemh_10204)

Assignment of Chapter 2

Week 7

Measurement of angles, degree, radian, conversion from radian to degree and vice versa, arc length- (Kemh_10301)

Week 8

Sign of trigonometric functions- (Kemh_10302)

Week 9

Domain,Range and Graph of Trigonometric functions- (Kemh_10303)

Week 10

Sine and Cosine of sum and difference of two angles, tangent and cotangent of sum and difference of two angles- (Kemh_10304)

Week 11

Trigonometric functions of multiple and submultiple angles- (Kemh_10305)

Week 12

Transformation of sum and difference of trigonometric and functions into product of trigonometric functions- (Kemh_10306)

Week 13

Trigonometric equations- (Kemh_10307)

Sine rule, Cosine rule- (Kemh_10308)

Assignment of Chapter 3

Week 14

Principle of Mathematical Induction- (Kemh_10401)

Week 15

Examples of Mathematical Induction- (Kemh_10402)

Assignment of Chapter 4

Week 16

Complex Numbers – Introduction; Operations on Complex Numbers- (Kemh_10501)

Week 17

Complex Numbers – Argand Plane and Polar Representation- (Kemh_10502)

Assignment of Chapter 5

Week 18

Linear Inequalities- (Kemh_10601)

Equation and Inequality- (Kemh_10602)

Week 19

Graphical solution of linear inequalities- (Kemh_10603)

Week 20

Solving simultaneous equations- (Kemh_10604)

Assignment of Chapter 6

Week 21

Permutation and Combination: Part 1- (Kemh_10701)

Week 22

Permutation and Combination: Part 2- ((Kemh_10702)

Week 23

Permutation and Combination: Part 3- (Kemh_10703)

Assignment of Chapter 7

Taught by

Prof. T. P. Sarma

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